UK: Vending machines to give teenagers condoms

The Daily Telegraph reports on the situation in the United Kingdom:

Free condoms and pregnancy testing kits are to be dispensed from interactive vending machines in chemists as part of a contraception drive.

The dispensers could also give out kits to test for diseases such as chlamydia and provide health advice and information on local sexual health services.

The machines are part of a £27 million effort to improve access to contraception for young people and cut the number of teenage pregnancies.

As revealed by The Daily Telegraph, ministers also want to see greater use of methods such as injection, implant and coil, which can last for between three months and three to five years.

But it appears, the UK is behind the third world curve according to this CNN-IBN report (1.28.2008) by Ginny Narula:  Delhi women get condom vending machines

Not to be outdone, there is always California: L.A. adds marijuana to vending machines

Yes, I think we are a long way from Kansas, Dorothy!