Canada’s Human Rights Kangaroo Court

Kathy Shaidle has a post at Pajamas Media about the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s egregious assault on free speech:

In one notorious case, “a Christian printer [was] ordered to produce business cards and letterhead for an organization that promotes pro-pedophilia essays, [was] fined $5,000 for having refused to do so, and [was] left with $40,000 in legal bills for daring to defend himself.”

That printer and others like him — almost always conservatives and usually Christians — including one Catholic bishop charged with “homophobia,” Steyn and Macleans, and the defendant in Warman vs. Lemire, have all attracted the CHRC’s ire because they’ve said or done something “likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt.”

Read Mark Steyn’s latest Macleans column.

Ezra Levant’s synopsis of and strategic commentary on the March 25th hearing at which the HRC’s “Soviet-flavored tactics” were exposed to the public.