UK: Scientists given license for human-pig embryos

Hugh Hewitt: Michelle Obama’s address to the DNC’s Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council

Abortion Alternatives Programs: Reducing Abortions and Protecting a Woman’s Right to Choose Childbirth Over Abortion

Germany: Government chases homeschool family

Wisconsin: Police Make 2 More Arrests In Prostitution Investigation At Strip Club

Detroit City Council Seeks More Time For Strip Club Ordinance

Obama Support For Expansion Of ‘Faith-Based’ Program Is Disappointing, Says Americans United

ADF files suit disputing N.M. commission’s ruling against Christian photographer

Wal-Mart Drops Planned Parenthood Promotion

Oregon: Builder pulls out of Planned Parenthood clinic

Pennsylvania Senate confirms 4 appeals judges

Obama “Pro-Gay Flyers” and Evangelical Courtship

    David Broder reports on the NY Times: . . . Between now and November, the Obama forces are planning as many as 1,000 house parties and dozens of Christian rock concerts, gatherings of religious leaders, campus visits and telephone conference …

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“The High Court’s Supreme Clown”

“New EU report says tougher laws needed to fight homophobia”

Killing of baby girls triggers social upheaval in India

    The Toronto Star reports: “Over 27 per cent of India’s 593 districts have an adult population ratio of under 900 females for every, 1,000 males, indicating a long-standing practice of female infanticide and feticide.”

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Report: California’s Death Penalty System Is ‘Close to Collapse,’ Costs $100 Million Annually

    The AP reports: “The California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice, appointed by the state Legislature to propose criminal justice reforms, issued a 117-page report detailing a deeply flawed system with the biggest backlog of cases in the nation …

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The Slippery Slope is real

Now You Tell Us: cohabiting teenagers using the Pill have a failure rate of almost 50%

Dutch will not prosecute politician for Anti-Muslim statements

Obama to support Faith-Based Initiative with restrictions

“NY Gay Couple Files Discrimination Case Against Online Adoption Service”

ADF attorneys file response to attack on Calif. marriage amendment

“New meaning for San Francisco gay pride parade”

Abortion Providers in South Dakota Are Required to Admit Abortion is Ending a Life

Some churches want out of “legal marriage business” so they can can focus on “spiritual blessings” not the “political stuff”

41% in GOP say marriage important to their vote, up from 39% in 2004

Virginia: No charges, because “bride” and “groom” not clearly defined

Alan Sears: Sirens’ lure of foreign law

Suit challenges Ohio obscenity law: Hustler manager says sex offender registration unconstitutional