Why Not Same-Sex “Marriage?”

Family Voice, the official blog of The Family Policy Council of West Virginia, has published a series of videos entitled, Ten Persuasive Answers to the Question: Why Not Gay Marriage? The final update was published July 26th and includes the questions, “Are the Needs of Kids or Adults More Important?” and “Does Gender Really Matter?”

Questions 1 & 2 – How will same-sex “marriage” hurt your marriage? / Is same-sex marriage like interracial marriage?

Questions 3 & 4 – Where does it stop? / Can’t we have religious marriage and civil marriage?

Questions 5 & 6 – What public good does marriage provide? / Is it healthy to experiment with our children?

Questions 7 & 8 – Haven’t the experts said same-sex parenting is fine? / How do we know what kind of families we need?

Questions 9 & 10 – Are the Needs of Kids or Adults More Important? / Does Gender Really Matter?

The entire series plus booklet can be purchased from Focus on the Family.