“eHarmony criticized for launching gay website”

Baptist Press reports:

eHarmony, Inc., the company behind the Internet matchmaking website founded by an evangelical psychologist and initially targeted to the Christian community, has decided to launch a new matchmaking website for homosexual singles instead of fighting a nearly four-year-old complaint in court . . .

Harmony posted a statement on its website Nov. 19 announcing it had reached a settlement with the New Jersey attorney general, which began looking at the company early in 2005 when a homosexual man filed a complaint with the state alleging that the company’s policy of matching only opposite-sex couples violated New Jersey’s anti-discrimination law, which covers “sexual orientation.” . . .

“This situation just demonstrates once again those involved in the homosexual agenda will not tolerate anyone who doesn’t embrace their views and promote their ideas,” Jim Campbell, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, a religious liberty legal organization, told Baptist Press. ADF was not involved in the suit or settlement. “Unfortunately, in this case, eHarmony surrendered to their demands. We feel they could have had a valid argument and could have taken a stand against this.”

Michelle Malkin: “Dating Intolerance: The eHarmony shakedown.”