There’s Nothing Democratic About Judges — Not Society — Upending Traditional Definition Of Marriage

The Blog of the Family Institute of Connecticut reports:

. . . Only three states have had same-sex marriage, and in each case it was imposed by a 4-3 vote of the states’ high courts. In California, the people reasserted their right to self-government and — thanks especially to African American turnout — voted on Nov. 4 to overturn their court and restore the traditional definition of marriage. With Arizona reversing an earlier vote, same-sex marriage has now lost in all 30 of the 30 states that held referendums on amending their constitutions.

Connecticut was supposed to be different. Same-sex marriage activists saw in our state their best chance for a democratic victory and so they frequently brought their cause to the General Assembly. Their repeated failure to democratically pass same-sex marriage undermines the legitimacy of their court victory . . .