Obama’s new Climate Czar, the Rise of Socialism, and the Pro-Family Cause

The resurrection of socialism around the world, sometimes concealed under a global warming agenda, is an alarming trend that should cause pro-family and pro-life groups to sound the alarm.  Apparently, socialists now believe they are sufficiently empowered that media visibility is no longer a concern in the United States.

Some illustrative headlines:

20090202, CNSNews reports, Obama’s Climate Czar Listed as Member of Commission Sponsored by Socialist International: “President Barack Obama’s new energy and environment coordinator, Carol Browner, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Bill Clinton, was listed as a member of the Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society on its Web site as of June 2008 . . . ”

20090202, The Daily Cardinal, Protesters argue over a possible abortion clinic opening: “Opponents of the clinic met at Library Mall and listened to speeches from pro-life activists like Matt Bowman, legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund . . . The challengers of the clinic marched from central campus to the Madison Surgery Center parking lot to confront a group of pro-choice advocates organized by the International Socialist Organization . . .”

20090201, Wesley Smith on Second Hand Smoke, Radical Environmentalism: Moving Us Toward a Eugenic Culture of Death

20090201, Edge, Portugal May Be Next in Line for Same Sex “Marriage”: “The leader of Portugal’s ruling Socialist Party, Jose Socrates, has announced that he support gay marriage.”

20090201, TimesOnline, Two children should be limit, says green guru: “COUPLES who have more than two children are being ‘irresponsible’ by creating an unbearable burden on the environment, the government’s green adviser has warned.”

20090126, Links to Various Sources, Alliance Alert Post: Nancy Pelosi: “Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now . . . one of those – one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.”

20090131, SMH.com.au, Time for a new world order: PM, KEVIN RUDD has denounced the unfettered capitalism of the past three decades and called for a new era of ’social capitalism’ in which government intervention and regulation feature heavily . . .

20090131, AFP, Czech president attacks Al Gore’s climate campaign: Czech President Vaclav Klaus took aim at climate change campaigner Al Gore on Saturday in Davos in a frontal attack on the science of global warming . . . “Environmentalism and the global warming alarmism is challenging our freedom. Al Gore is an important person in this movement.” (Related posts)

20090129, Socialist Worker, Protesting the anti-abortion bigots

20090115, Life Site, Mexican Socialists Protest International Pro-Family Conference

20090114, Life Site, Mexican Socialists Threaten Church for Opposing Abortion, Homosexual “Marriage,” Euthanasia: “The leadership of Mexico’s socialist Social Democratic Party (PSD) has issued a demand to Mexico City’s Cardinal Archbishop Norberto Rivera that he and the Church stop opposing its initiatives to legalize abortion, homosexual “marriage” and euthanasia, or face legal action.”

20090105, Baltic & Europe News, Obama and our Eugenical Future: “When Obama financially reinvigorates the UNFPA, the floodgates of demographic catastrophe will be opened wide. With the UNFPA once again leading the power elite’s depopulation campaign, no amount of pro-natal measures will be effective in preventing serious complications stemming from the population implosion.”

20090102, WSJ, The Liberal Architects of Chaos: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste

20090429, FrontPage Magazine, Global Warming: The Left’s Latest War on the Family: Procreation is killing the planet, and traditional religion is to blame, Global-Warming cultists insist.

20081209, Christian Telegraph, President of Uruguay leaves Socialist Party after rift over abortion

20081201, Telegraph, International Court to punish states over global warming?

20080716, Life Site, New Ecuadorian Constitution Endangered by Pro-Abortion, Anti-Family Language: “Last week, the growing frustration erupted in an angry protest outside of the Constituent Assembly, which is charged with formulating a new Constitution for the socialist regime of Rafael Correa.”

20080507, CWN, Spanish government plans to liberalize abortion law: “In Spain, the ruling Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) plans to extend the limits of legal abortion.”

20080416, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Population and climate change: “[O]ur five discussants explore how population growth relates to the world’s spiraling energy needs and whether addressing it can help provide a solution to the climate problem.”

20080408, USA Today, Expert: “We’re brainwashing our children” about global warming: William Gray, the well-known Colorado State University hurricane forecaster, routinely uses the annual National Hurricane Conference as a platform to bash global warming. In a statement to Florida Today, Gray argued that the scientific consensus on global warming is bogus — and “a mild form of McCarthyism has developed [...]

20080404, Reuters, World Bank accused of climate change “hijack”: Developing countries and environmental groups accused the World Bank on Friday of trying to seize control of the billions of dollars of aid that will be used to tackle climate change in the next four decades . . .

20080403, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ted Turner says world has too many people: “One way to combat global warming, Turner said, is to stabilize the population.”

20080227, Alabama Policy Institute, Senate global warming bill poses significant financial burden to families: “. . . If the bill passes and is implemented, residential electricity prices are projected to increase by 28 percent by 2015, 40 percent by 2020 and 58 percent by 2050 . . .”

20080217, AP, Spain’s socialist social revolution hits roadblock: abortion: The Socialists, seeking re-election March 9, have quietly dropped a pledge of abortion on demand up to 12 or 14 weeks into a pregnancy, as exists in many other European countries, for fear of alienating centrist voters.

20080131, CNA, Socialists want to change definition of “human remains” to facilitate abortions: “Spain’s Socialist government has proposed a new law that, if approved, would change the definition of “human remains” in order to exclude the remains of aborted babies and thus diminish public pressure over abortion clinics.”

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