“Is New York’s New Archbishop Anti-Gay?”

Scott Murphy writing at Catholic.net:

Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire have ceded to the pressures of pro gay-marriage lobbyists in rapid succession. All signs point to New York being next state to follow. Will the freshly installed Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan, try to stand in the way? You had better believe it . . .

In September of 2005, the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, 1st Department, said in its 4-1 ruling that the government has a “strong interest in fostering heterosexual marriage.” The court went on to explain, “We find it even more troubling that the [Manhattan] court, upon determining the statute [in favor of traditional marriage] to be unconstitutional, proceeded to rewrite it and purportedly create a new constitutional right.”

Following this decision, Glen Lavy of the Alliance Defense Fund, an Arizona legal defense group that opposes same-sex “marriage,” insightfully pointed out that, “marriage laws are not primarily about adult needs for official recognition and support, but about the well-being of children and society.”