Pro-lifers prevail in federal court after 18 years!

Members of Congress call for LGBT benefits at UN

Has APA given nod to “gay” change therapy?

11th Circuit upholds child pornography conviction against Double Jeopardy challenge

Colorado Court of Appeals: Downloading child porn does not constitute “sexual exploitation of a child”

“Nine Republicans Vote to Confirm Sotomayor Despite Philosophical Differences With Her”

Bosnia: Islamic Leaders Oppose Radicalism

“How gay is Minnesota?”

11th Circuit: Immigration board failed to consider “religious persecution” evidence in denying Iranian asylum

“Unjust and ineffective”? America’s sex offender registries exploding

    The Economist: “Because so many offences require registration, the number of registered sex offenders in America has exploded. As of December last year, there were 674,000 of them, according to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. If they were all crammed into a single state, it would be more populous than Wyoming, Vermont or North Dakota. As a share of its population, America registers more than four times as many people as Britain, which is unusually harsh on sex offenders. America’s registers keep swelling, not least because in 17 states, registration is for life.”

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Obama nominations for 3rd and 6th Circuit

Iraq mulls website ban, fuels censorship fears

Pro-Mousavi Iranians chant “death to the dictator”

New ENDA bill ‘turns private sin into a public right’

NY court: US govt can withhold Spitzer documents

Idaho settles with “transgenders” who castrated themselves

“Polish woman fined for gay abuse”

NYCLU Files Court Papers Supporting Paterson’s Appointment of Lieutenant Governor

PA: Strip club controversy continues to dominate Middle Smithfield Township

Irish Government Pressing Hard for Yes Vote on Lisbon while Other EU States Hesitate

Malaysia mulls plans to filter internet porn

Louisiana: Marriage commission members take dim view of same-sex adoption

Montana: CHIP will not pay for birth control

Vietnamese gov’t blocking Catholic websites

Top court may hear Haskell Co. lawsuit on Ten Commandments monument

Hawaii Bill would force Obama to reveal birth documents

“Manitoba’s NDP Government Puts Paying For Sex-Change Surgery on the Back Burner, For Now”

Florida: Sen. Martinez to resign by end of the month

ADF chief counsel to speak at World Congress of Families in Amsterdam

Appeal sought in Oklahoma Ten Commandments monument case

White House “fishes” for trouble

Harvard Law Dean Nominated to Board of Legal Services Corp.

Lodi prayer debate heats up: Minister ends “Amen,” audience yells “in Jesus name”

    Religion Clause Blog: “. . . Council postponed Wednesday’s scheduled discussion of the policy to a special meeting scheduled for Sept. 30 . . . Meanwhile inside Methodist minister, Rev. Alan Kimber, delivered a non-sectarian invocation– a moment of silence and then thanks for our country’s freedom to express different beliefs. When he ended with a simple ‘Amen’, some members in the audience yelled out: ‘in Jesus name.’”

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Western State University College of Law wins full accreditation

    The National Law Journal: “California now has 19 fully accredited law schools. The American Bar Association has granted Western State University College of Law full accreditation. Final approval for the accreditation of the for-profit Fullerton, Calif., school was given by the Council of the Legal Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar during the ABA’s annual convention in Chicago.”

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“Wisconsin LGBTs confident of court victory for domestic partnerships”

Liberal Anglicans declare war on conservatives in the Church

ACLU questions removal of atheists’ bus ads

ACLU pushes for parent awareness of military opt-out option