Confusing a liberal education with public education

Perry L. Glanzer writing in The American Spectator: “What is worrisome [about the New Hampshire home schooling case] are the misconceptions Family Court Justice Lucinda V. Sandler has about liberal, home, and public education . . . In truth, the main education Amanda is likely to receive [in public school] would come from socialization or peer pressure that would encourage her to engage in the basic American cultural practices of other ten year old girls at her school. While I would like to believe that such activities would include discussing and “critically evaluating multiple systems of belief,” my experience makes me inclined to believe that those activities are more likely to be texting and talking to friends about school, clothes, boys and the latest relationship drama, playing sports or music, and enjoying the latest Hannah Montana show.”

ADF Media information page: NH court orders home-schooled child into government-run school