Lederman on the Constitutionality of Hate Crimes Legislation

ADF-allied attorney available to media after hearing in important religious land use case

New Report Shows Late-term Abortionist Martin Haskell Above the Law and Dangerous

Alan E. Sears on the Michael Medved Show: Criminalizing thought “In Justice”

Parent files lawsuit against Holly Area Schools over religious flier ban

Arizona opportunity scholarships allowed to stand

“President Obama signs defense-hate crimes bill”

Is monogamy realistic?

    CNN Living: “Lipton and Barash, who have been married 32 years and are the co-authors of ‘Strange Bedfellows’ and ‘The Myth of Monogamy,’ said serial monogamy may be more realistic — a model in which people move from one committed long-term relationship to another and choose partners for different reasons at different stages of their life.”

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“First openly gay US attorney begins job in Wash.”

New York City Ranks #8 in Top Ten of Public Charter School Communities by Enrollment

    Reuters: “Demand remains strongest in urban areas – and as a result, charter “market
    share” is growing rapidly in cities and adjacent suburbs, even while the overall number of students remains a modest portion of nationwide enrollment. ‘Charter schools are working at scale in a growing number of American cities,’ according to Nelson Smith, President and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. ‘Chartering is becoming well-established as a key component of the public education delivery system,’ he added.” The report includes charter school statistics for various cities around the country.

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4th Circuit Nominee Gets Committee Backing

Turkey holding out on religious property settlements

Swiss to tighten controls on “assisted suicide”

Texas law on children seeing porn being challenged

Carhart at DC Rally with His Hand Out for Tax Funds for Abortions

San Antonio: Strip club to open near Catholic school

California: Tenderloin strip club shut down

MO: Planned Parenthood sues over abortion, stem cell petitions

Ottawa judge jails man who wrote porn stories involving children

“US slams Uganda’s new anti-gay bill”

Military ballot law has states in a time squeeze

Uprising over “holiday tree” taking root

Heritage Foundation Conference: Religious Practice and the Family

Lawsuit against Univ. of Florida ended discrimination against Christian group

Man gets prison in pay-to-miscarry beating case

Audio of Roman Catholic Foundation v. Walsh oral arguments at the Seventh Circuit

David French: University Bad Faith and the Problem of Mootness

Claims Against Archdiocese In Abuse Cases Do Not Violate First Amendment

Church officials: 15,000 Bibles seized in Malaysia

Pope seeks more freedom for Catholics in Iran

Jury rules in favor of Knox schools in Bible case

St. Louis frees ministry to share faith literature

DC: “The opposition fires its shots at marriage equality”

Obama signs hate crimes bill into law

Michigan student prohibited from distributing Vacation Bible School invites

Argentine Congress considers same-sex marriage

    AP: “Is Argentina ready to become Latin America’s first nation to legalize gay marriage? Gay and lesbian activists think so – and they have a growing number of supporters in Congress, which opened debate Thursday on whether to change dozens of laws that define marriage as a union between a ‘man and woman.’”

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Obama expands “hate-crime” protections for homosexuals, transgendered

Haskell Co. seeks review of 10 Commandments ruling

Haskell Co. commissioners seek review of ruling on 10 Commandments monument at courthouse

“Obama signs gay hate crimes measure”

“Hate-crimes” bill signed into law

Obama signs bill extending “hate-crimes” protections

Obama signs ‘hate-crimes’ bill into law

Why The Obama Administration Should Have Strongly Opposed the UN Religious Defamation Resolution

    Marci A. Hamilton writes at Findlaw: “Islamic countries recently have been pushing the United Nations to adopt a resolution that would make ‘religious defamation’ a civil rights violation. Their theory is that it should be a human rights crime for anyone to speak negatively about a religion. Their aim is to bring the world community to their side in condemning the public criticism of Islamicism in any and every context, including that of political cartoons. Their latest gambit has been to introduce a UN resolution against religious defamation. Instead of stoutly and loudly rejecting such a dangerous principle, as it should have done, the Obama Administration joined Egypt in crafting a misguided compromise resolution. The new Resolution, unfortunately, was adopted unanimously.”

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This Is Your Brain Without Dad

    “Conventional wisdom holds that two parents are better than one. Scientists are now finding that growing up without a father actually changes the way your brain develops . . . ”

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