European court will hear key challenge to Irish constitution’s pro-life pledge

“The Reasons Why Originalism Provides a Weak Foundation for Interpreting Constitutional Provisions Relating to Religion”

    The Reasons Why Originalism Provides a Weak Foundation for Interpreting Constitutional Provisions Relating to Religion
    Alan Brownstein, 2009 Cardozo L. Rev. de novo 196

    “I suggest that whatever may be the justifications for, and utility of, employing originalism as a methodology for interpreting other constitutional provisions, it is a particularly poor approach to adopt for determining the meaning of the religion clauses of the First Amendment. I do not suggest that an historical analysis is irrelevant to understanding what the religion clauses mean. It certainly sets a foundation for further discussion. I argue simply that there are important reasons why originalism is particularly ill suited for resolving a great many constitutional disputes relating to church-state relationships in our society today.”

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Mainline Churches Urged to Sign Manhattan Declaration

NJ marriage vote next week could be close in Dem controlled Senate

“Federal Appeals Court Blows Whistle On Wisconsin Sheriff’s Religious Proselytism”

Pro-Abortion UNFPA Wants Hundreds of Billions for Family Planning as Cairo Done

Free condoms for athletes, officials at 2010 Olympics

VA: Kaine to offer benefits to same-sex partners of state employees

Greek Orthodox Church joins opposition to European Court’s Crucifix ban

Federal Appeals Court Rules Against D.C. in Gun Suit

New Study: Home-Educated Canadian Adults Excel

Men have a detrimental effect on lifespan: research

Democrats seek deals on abortion, public option plan

GLBT certification from the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is “a channel to business opportunity”

Casey Won’t Say If He Agrees With Archbishop that Abortion-Funding Health Bill Cannot Be Supported

The Militarization of Sex: Temporary Marriage

Few Minorities Hold Positions as Court Law Clerks, Staff Attorneys in Texas

Beyond Kissing Cousins: Marriage Taboos Erode

Senate to vote on health amendments over weekend

Canada: Supreme Court tightens Internet luring of children rules

Pastor Boissoin exonerated: Judge rules letter on homosexuality not “hate” speech

Unborn human rights bill introduced in Italian Senate

“Openly gay speaker” on tap for California Assembly?

Matt Bowman: Government funding of abortion is not like government funding of Christian social service agencies

Jeremy Dys: Without Stupak, healthcare legislation eviscerates Hyde

“The 2009 Hate Crimes Prevention Act”

Intervention Denied In Case Challenging Parsonage Allowance

Court Says White Supremacist Movement Is Not A “Religion”

Embryonic stem-cell funding – an incentive to kill

Prop. 8 backers likely to win disclosure fight

Testimony expected to continue today on Santa Rosa prayer issue

Kentucky: ‘Coincidences’ adding up to a costly mistake

    Jim Waters writes at the Kentucky Bluegrass Institute: “I’m sure it’s a coincidence that Stumbo and the governor seem much more energized about expanding gambling than about sound economic decisions, including eliminating the state’s prevailing-wage mandate. This policy sets artificially high wages on public construction projects, including those crumbling schools Stumbo used to seem so concerned about.”

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MD: Law would require pregnancy centers to post signs if they don’t offer abortions

US pastors plan to defy law and endorse candidates

“LA Episcopal bishop vote includes gay candidates”

National presence in Byam School controversy

Challenge to Ireland’s pro-life laws goes to European Court of Human Rights

Abortion group drops ex-worker suit

“Pan-Protestantism and Proselytizing: Minority Religions in a Protestant Empire”

The Reception by the International Court of Justice of Decisions of Domestic Courts

    Andre Nollkaemper, The Reception by the International Court of Justice of Decisions of Domestic Courts (November 30, 2009)., Rivista di Diritto Pubblico Italiano, Comunitario e Comparato, n. 15/2009. Available at SSRN:

    “This paper examines the practice of the ICJ in its reception of decisions of national courts. It demonstrates that while the ICJ continues to recognize the formal separation between international law and domestic law, the practice of the Court is not based on a rigid dichotomy between the international and the domestic spheres. In particular cases, decisions of domestic courts play a role in judgments of the Court, not only as fact but also in terms of legal effects. Indeed, the dominant ‘decisions of domestic courts as facts’ doctrine fails to capture the variety of the ways in which the Court treats such decisions.”

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