MD: Law would require pregnancy centers to post signs if they don’t offer abortions

LA Times: “Crisis pregnancy centers that don’t offer abortions or birth-control referrals would have to post notices saying they exclude those options under legislation approved Monday night by the Baltimore City Council.”

Ross Douthat, comments at his New York Times blog: “I can see why the pro-choice side dislikes crisis pregnancy centers, and especially dislikes the idea of public dollars being funneled their way. But if we don’t want to fund ideologically charged organizations that cut ethical corners in the counseling they provide to pregnant women, there’s a case to be made for taking a look at Planned Parenthood’s millions as well.”

Matt Bowman, from an email to Mirror of Justice’s Rob Vischer: “In a very similar fashion in the health care conscience context, Planned Parenthood, Alta Charo, et al. always want to require pro-life doctors to disclose that they don’t to abortions, but they will never even suggest much less agree to require all doctors to disclose whether they do or do not do abortions. Ironically, such one-sided disclosure is sold based on principles of neutrality and patient information. But on those concepts there is no principled reason to apply them only to pro-life providers. Instead they are based on non-neutral assumptions about the baseline of what proper health care is, meaning that pro-life pregnancy centers and pro-life Ob/Gyns are substandard and need correction by disclosure, whereas abortionists are already up to par.”

At the same site, Anjam Ganguly asks: “Must the default assumption be that providing medical help to women with ‘crisis’ pregnancies means providing abortion? Does providing sexual-health services to young people automatically implicate birth control?”