Lech Walesa: World Has ‘Lost Hope’ of America’s Moral Leadership

Veterans Defend “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

“NYT: Rampant Polygamy in Gay ‘Marriage’ May Benefit Institution”

Senate Judiciary Committee Postpones Vote on Pro-Abortion Dawn Johnsen

Utah House OKs ultrasounds before abortions

High Court urged to protect faith groups’ right to define membership

“Marriage Study: ‘Equality’ Message Not Working”

Kansas sexual orientation discrimination bill advances

Erik Stanley, Gary McCaleb on radio: Phoenix prosecutes for ringing church bells

The Shaping of the American Mind, A New Report From ISI

    Gary Palmer writes at The Alabama Policy Institute: “The survey consisted of sixty questions covering the basics of American history, government, foreign affairs, and economics. In the 2006 report, the average scores for the freshmen were 51.7 percent and the seniors were 53.2 percent . . . Given these dismal findings, it is little wonder that so many Americans do not understand how much of the current national crisis is the result of our government functioning outside the limits prescribed by the Constitution . . . Among its major findings, the new study reports that among those age 18 to 24, only 51 percent believe America’s founding documents remain relevant.”

    Web Site: ISI

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Jordan Lorence: 14 State Attorneys General agree that Christian students should not be forced to deny their faith

Second Focus on the Family Ad on Tebow, Abortion to Air Before Super Bowl

“Cameron tells Rowan: Make your Church pro-gay”

Maine: What’s next for same-sex “marriage”?

    The Maine Campus: “Shenna Bellows, executive director for the Maine Civil Liberties Union, sees three options on the table for moving the same-sex marriage debate back through the legislature after the 2010 elections. ‘We could bring the same bill back again with the new legislature,’ Bellows said in an interview Wednesday. ‘Alternatively, we could bring a civil unions bill or we could bring a bill that provided additional protections but fell short of civil unions or marriage.’”

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US Senator blocks all Obama nominees amid tanker feud

OH: Mansfield City Council approves sexually oriented business ordinance

Albania: “Gays content with rights law”

DC: Elections Board again rules out same-sex “marriage” referendum

    DCist: “In an 18-page memorandum (download it here), the board concluded that an effort to suspend the implementation of the Civil Marriage Equality Act until it appears on the ballot is not a proper subject for a referendum. The legislation, which grants full marriage rights to same-sex couples, was passed by the D.C. Council and signed by Mayor Adrian Fenty last year.”

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One Iowa expects marriage amendment push to start Monday

    Iowa Independent: “After numerous meetings at the Capitol Thursday, Brad Clark, campaign director for One Iowa, told The Iowa Independent that he expects Republican lawmakers in the Iowa House to attempt to bring about a vote on a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage by invoking Rule 60, which allows a majority vote on the floor of the House to pull a bill out of a committee even if the committee has not approved it.”

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Turkish girl, 16, buried alive for talking to boys

Video: Virginia GOP mocks Dems on “global warming” during record storm

“Gay rights: Don’t ask, don’t think”

    “. . . I want to zero in on the fatal flaw in most gay-rights causes, and the one the Admiral repeated. It is the failure to distinguish between desires and behavior . . . Claiming you ‘are’ your sexual desires is a case of don’t ask, don’t think . . . ”

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“Washington Court of Appeals Overturns Apparent Discrimination Against a Non-Religious Parent”

ACLU pushes “pro-choice” license plates in Georgia and Virginia

Do 3rd Circuit Rulings Over Student Speech on MySpace Pages Contradict?

20+ left wing groups sign letter to the White House to prevent “government-funded religious discrimination” and “unwelcome proselytizing”

Indonesia’s Constitutional Court Hearing Challenge To Blasphemy Law

Slovakian Court Upholds Religion Law’s Registration Requirement

North Korea Says It Will Release U.S. Christian Activist

Tyrannical tactics adopted in Geert Wilders trial?

Reactions Cool to Year One of Obama’s Faith-Based Office

Filipino Congress sets aside pro-abortion bill, leaves the matter for the next government

Killing abstinence

    Robert Rector, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, writing at NRO: “Obviously, abstinent teens are not going to get pregnant or contract an STD. But the research shows that, in general, they also will be happier and less depressed than their permissive peers. Abstinent teens also do dramatically better in school. They are half as likely to drop out as their sexually active peers. And teens who abstain until at least age 18 are twice as likely to attend and graduate from college as those who become sexually active while in high school. The extra schooling achieved by abstaining teens will add, on average, an additional $400,000 to their lifetime earnings.”

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Gallup: 36% of Americans and 53% of Dems view socialism positively

Democrats send conflicting signals on repealing DADT policy

Illinois Supreme Court strikes down medical malpractice law

Politicizing Justice? Obama names DNC member Tim Purdon as a U.S. Attorney

Justice Thomas, On the Road Again

Family Research Institute: Our take on the Prop 8 trial

    Family Research Institute: “Christianity – as the wellspring of ‘animus’ against homosexual activity – is being attacked as full of bigotry, but empty of factual content. This mode of attack worked with Colorado’s Amendment 2 in 1994, and was an integral part of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision. Yet 99% of the empirical evidence regarding homosexual activity supports the Christian appraisal of it . . . On the January 25th Hugh Hewitt radio show, an Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) spokesman repeatedly asserted that all they had to do to win – given the well-worn rules of ‘how the law is supposed to be’ – was to prove that conventional marriage was better than ‘gay marriage.’ But what if the court regards this potential violation of ‘human rights’ as exceptional (as Brown v. Board of Education in 1954), and not subject to the ‘usual rules?’ The court might regard this contest as a debate about public policy.”

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5 street evangelists sue Richmond over free-speech rights

Fla. library: No religious use of our meeting rooms

Lawyer: Missionary leader to blame for kidnap case

The raw politics of abstinence education

Pope worries about Scottish support for euthanasia

Citizens United and the Problem of Modern Judicial Activism — The Strict Scrutiny Test

Military lab rats

Pentagon to Offer Emergency Contraception to Military Bases Worldwide

Cross Placed at Air Force Pagan Circle Prompts Probe

When It Comes to Child Care, Why Won’t the President Let Parents Decide?

Sweden defies EU directive to store users’ phone data