NC: County moves to block abortion insurance

AZ Lawmakers Consider New System for Judge Picks “. . . For each judicial vacancy, nonpartisan commissions review applications and send the three most qualified candidates to the governor, who selects one. Voters decide whether to retain judges or remove them from office. Sen. Jack Harper, R-Surprise, proposes that judges instead be nominated by the governor and confirmed by the Senate, similar to the federal system. Judges would have to be reconfirmed by the Senate every four years . . . ”

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Okla. Senate panel approves 3 abortion bills as lawmakers seek to comply with judges’ rulings

David French: Liberal professors and unlawful discrimination

NC: Group pledges additional $100,000 for prayer suit

Ohio House Speaker Backs Down, Will Allow Pro-Life Teen to Receive Award

Bishop Vasa Cautiously Concerned Over USCCB Membership in Pro-Abortion Coalition

Brian Raum: Religion on trial in California marriage amendment case

AZ: No quickie divorce under Republican’s bill

Kenya chiefs block Mombasa “gay wedding”

Prayer Before Public Meetings Is Common, but Practice Has Its Critics

Georgia billboard campaign says abortion makes black children an ‘endangered species’

Feds push for tracking cell phones “Even though police are tapping into the locations of mobile phones thousands of times a year, the legal ground rules remain unclear, and federal privacy laws written a generation ago are ambiguous at best.”

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Kansas: “Bill would require extra insurance for abortion coverage”

Polygamy: Mala in Se or Mala Prohibita

Illinois: “Ban gay marriages, Republican gov hopeful says”

Christian Leaders Urge House, Senate to Reconcile and Pass Iran Sanctions Bills

Haitian Judge Might Free American Baptists, Sources Say

Pontifical Academy for Life to discuss bioethics and natural law

Utah: “Instead of morning prayer, gay legislator reads poem written by gay poet”

Georgia: Two More Districts To Sue State Over Charter Schools

UK: Marriage rates lowest since 1862

Georgia: “Recession pushes more women to strip clubs”

No Valentine’s: Saudi religious police see red

Tomorrow Youth Promote Sexual Purity on Seventh Annual Day of Purity

Virginia: “Education groups criticize McDonnell’s charter schools plan”

Strip club bill advances in Missouri legislature

Family Policy Council of West Virginia calls for abstinence education

Iowa Court of Appeals OKs strip club ruling

Pro-family organizations denounce homosexual agenda in Chilean schools

Senate Majority Leader Takes Swipe at ABA

Conservative Judicial Group Moves into Crisis Mode

Dems look to crack down on corporate political spending ahead of midterms

“British Court Vindicate’s Hindu Man’s Right To Cremation on Funeral Pyre”

Both sides ask for ruling on Ark. adoption ban

American Conservatism: An Encyclopedia – Natural Law

    ISI’s First Principles Web Journal has posted Russell Hittinger’s entry on Natural Law in American Conservatism: An Encyclopedia: “Among conservatives, nothing discredited theories of natural rights more than the French Revolution, in which appeals to the ‘rights of man’ were used to overthrow the social, political, and ecclesiastical orders. Both Jeremy Bentham’s positivism and Edmund Burke’s defense of custom and tradition represented reactions to the revolutionary effects of natural-rights theories on the Continent. The waning of natural-law jurisprudence in the English tradition was due in large part to the revulsion caused by the French experiment.”

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Evangelist challenges ban on leafleting near California courthouse

“Anti-abortion group wants Pittsburgh legal fees”

NC: Moment of silence replaces prayer

D.C. marriage referendum rejected; appeal filed

Organization to announce offer to back Forsyth if it decides to appeal ruling

$360,000 in legal fees sought from Pittsburgh

New Hampshire Bill Could Bring Homosexuality Lessons into the Classroom

“Escalating Evidence on Charter Segregation”

Milwaukee’s Voucher Graduates

Iran to Suspend Google’s Email

Iran is now a ‘nuclear state’ says Ahmadinejad as thousands take to the streets

Ann Coulter: “Obama is Owned – You Can Bank On It”

    Ann Coulter writes at Townhall: “How about just punishing the guilty? The Democrats can’t do that because the list of Wall Street’s biggest offenders may turn out to be eerily similar to the list of Obama’s biggest campaign contributors. Employees from Goldman Sachs gave more to the Obama campaign than any other organization except the University of California — with Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase quickly following in sixth and seventh place . . . ”

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Arizona Sheriff, U.S. in Standoff Over Immigration Enforcement

Netherlands: Geert Wilders and the Death of Free Speech

Law Review: When Conscience Clashes with State Law & Policy, a Response to Susan Stabile

    Piero Tozzi, When Conscience Clashes with State Law & Policy: Catholic Institutions: A Response to Susan Stabile (2007). Journal of Catholic Legal Studies, Vol. 46, No. 2, 2007; Catholic Lawyer, Vol. 46, No. 2, 2007. Available at SSRN:

    “Responding to Professor Susan Stabile’s analysis of the clash between the secular state and the autonomy of religious institutions, the author gives a legal practitioner’s gloss on the subject. Reflecting on three matters that he had litigated, he delves into the increasing encroachment of the secular state upon the free exercise rights of religious institutions and the conscience rights of individuals.”

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