NIH Redefines Embryonic Stem Cells

“Foundation Calls Out Detroit Council on Prayer”

Indiana: Clarksville to appeal Theatair X ruling

Detroit strip club hearing draws pastors, dancers

Chicago Council on Global Affairs issues report on engaging religion in U.S. foreign policy

UK: DPP’s final guidance on assisted suicide due soon

“Children sexualized from an increasingly early age”

SC lawmakers OK state health plan abortion ban

College Professors Are More Likely to Believe ‘Ten Commandments are Irrelevant Today,’ New Study Says

UK: Lap-dancing clubs increase while library numbers drop

BBC accused of “zealous” drive for assisted suicide

Virginia: Legislative black caucus opposes McDonnell’s charter schools proposal

In-Justice! Furor over O’s ‘Gitmo’ appointees

Maryland: ACLU Protests Treatment Of Girl Who Sat For Pledge

A better path for charter schools in Virginia

Pennsylvania: Sexually oriented businesses will need licenses

Palestinian president warns of ‘religious war’

China Launches Strict New Internet Controls It Says Are Aimed At Eliminating Online Porn

India: Churches attacked as trouble brews over Jesus picture row

Vermont judge orders arrest of mom for refusing to turn daughter over to former lesbian partner

MA: Planned Parenthood’s plan stirs secularists

David French: Introducing the four D’s

The Times: Law should be changed to allow churches to hold civil partnership ceremonies

Iraq: “Mosul becoming a graveyard for Christians”

UK columnist: Ban faith schools

“Genetics and Proposition 8: Human sexual orientation has deep biological roots”

Delaware: Ruling in prayer suit could have wide reach

EU Court Advisers at Odds Over Gambling Restrictions

UK Secretary: “Faith schools will not be able to opt out of statutory lessons on sex and relationship education”

Fine tuning DADT versus embracing open homosexual behavior

Canadian Premier defends having heart surgery in the U.S.

Military brass doubt wisdom of approving open homosexual behavior

Lisbon pact failing to lift the E.U. on global stage

TN: Shelby County Commission to limit adult businesses

Florida: Lawsuit over proposed strip club settled

David Cameron’s “secret plan to kill off party dinosaurs”

The civic failure of American higher education

    R.R. Reno writing at First Things, On The Square: “Why academia is so relentlessly homogeneous is a difficult question to answer . . . Once we strip out the natural scientists, who rarely weigh in on cultural and political issues, the percentage of self-described conservatives in academia drifts down to around 4 percent of all faculty . . . Anecdotal evidence suggests a more plausible answer. There is widespread blackballing of conservative job candidates in the hiring process, and an atmosphere of intense hostility discourages conservative undergraduate and graduate students from going forward in academia. Consider one topic of controversy in the public square. Although voters consistently reject same-sex marriage, it’s hard to think of a single elite school where a published argument against same-sex marriage . . . ”

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Washington Times: A new battle of Hastings

WV: House Republicans plan to force votes on marriage, other issues

UK: “Clerics call for gay ceremonies at religious venues”

“Army to oppose immediate suspension of gay firings”

Arizona: Time-limit ban for abuse victims to sue attackers OK’d

3 Indiana School Districts Sue State

Miss Beverly Hills Lauren Ashley Opposes Same Sex “Marriage”

“Pastors take the law into their hands”

NC: Forsyth commissioners vote 4-3 to appeal ruling on prayer

Video shows Tenth Planned Parenthood abortion center hiding sexual abuse

“Social conservative faces tough battle for state ed board seat”

NC: Majority at meeting jubilant over appeal decision

Commissioners appealing sectarian prayer decision

D.C. voters may not have final say on marriage

University of Wisconsin documents reveal taxpayer funding of abortion: Pro-life group

“Anti-gay groups to hold R.I. summit”

ADF-allied attorney available to media after 7th Circuit hearing involving Illinois church

Bart Stupak Opposes Obama Health Care Plan Over Its Massive Abortion Funding

Recycled Church Pews In Courtroom Challenged As Establishment Clause Problem

ICANN Review Panel Finds US Religious Right Pressure In Denial of .xxx TLD

Mont. Court Rejects Free Exercise Challenge To SSN For Drivers License

Not All Adult iPhone Apps Purged from App Store

    PCWorld: “But not every application featuring bikini-clad women or sex-related issues have dropped out of the iTunes Store. Applications from Playboy, Sports Illustrated, FHM, and others are still available. So if applications like Strip Simon are out, which apps are allowed in?”

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3rd Circuit: ‘Wardrobe malfunction’ fine to be reconsidered

Dennis Prager: “Government, Yes! God and Parents, No!”

Gallup: 19% underemployed

    Gallup’s daily measure of U.S. employment reveals that 19.9% of the U.S. workforce was underemployed during the month of January, translating to close to 30 million Americans who are working less than their desired capacity. Those who were underemployed reported spending 36% less than those who were employed, $48 per day versus $75 per day.”

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Plans for ‘.xxx’ porn net domain revived

Apple’s ‘overtly sexual’ iPhone crackdown purges 5,000 apps

Jerusalem Temple Mount: Arrested for praying

NC: “Prayer appeal OK’d: Plyler agrees to go along with his party”

    Winston Salem Journal: “After hearing emotional appeals both for and against, the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners voted 4-3 last night to appeal a federal judge’s ruling that county meetings cannot begin with prayers that include the name of Jesus or otherwise show affiliation with some particular faith . . . What the county agreed to do last night was appeal the case, enter into an agreement with the Alliance Defense Fund for the appeal, and enter into another agreement with the N.C. Partnership for Religious Liberty to pay any attorney fees or damages against the county should the county ultimately lose the case. The Alliance Defense Fund is paying the county’s costs to litigate the case . . . ”

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I’m the Only Daddy You Got! I’m the Paterfamilias – of 400 Children

Detroit: Public to get voice on strip clubs

Stanley Fish: Are there secular reasons?

    “. . . secular reason can’t do the job (of identifying ultimate meanings and values) we need religion to do; it’s worse; secular reason can’t do its own self-assigned job — of describing the world in ways that allow us to move forward in our projects — without importing, but not acknowledging, the very perspectives it pushes away in disdain . . . ”

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Rebecca Hagelin: Fighting porn with safety Net

Pennsylvania: Frozen Fetuses Found During Doctor’s Office Raid

Law Review: The Functions of Ethical Originalism

    Richard Primus, The Functions of Ethical Originalism (February 19, 2010). Texas Law Review, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN:

    “Jamal Greene has suggested that much originalist argument be understood on the model of what Philip Bobbitt called ethical argument, meaning argument about the American constitutional ethos. This short paper expands that suggestion by identifying three discursive functions that ethical-originalist argument serves other than attempting to persuade decisionmakers to decide constitutional issues in particular ways. First, ethical-originalist argument aims to establish the content of constitutional history as a value in itself. Second, ethical-originalist argument helps to allay anxieties about constitutional legitimacy that the dead-hand problem might otherwise foster (albeit without actually solving the dead-hand problem). Third, ethical-originalist argument can establish particular participants in constitutional discourse as authentically qualified to arbitrate issues in the name of the constitutional tradition. The paper closes by suggesting that much textualist argument as well as originalist argument can profitably be understood as sounding in ethos.”

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Law Review: Sexuality, Privacy and the New Biology

    George P. Smith and Roberto Iraola, Sexuality, Privacy and the New Biology (1984). Marquette Law Review, Vol. 67, No. 2, pp. 263-291,1984; CUA Columbus School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2010-12. Available at SSRN:

    “This Article investigates two alternative methods of human conception: Specifically, the artificial insemination of unmarried women for either their own personal purposes of pregnancy without the benefit of marriage or as surrogates for infertile women. Surrogation is evaluated, then, as an analytic complement to the sexual privacy of women who are expressing their sexual freedom through unconventional means to become pregnant. The conclusion drawn is that an unmarried woman’s fundamental right to privacy or procreation does not encompass a right to either artificial insemination or surrogation.”

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