About David Cortman

ADF Attorney David Cortman


David Cortman serves as senior counsel and vice-president of religious liberty with Alliance Defending Freedom at its Atlanta Regional Service Center in Georgia. He also heads litigation efforts to defend and reclaim the First Amendment rights of public school students across the country. Cortman joined Alliance Defending Freedom in 2005 and is admitted to the bar in Georgia, Florida, and the District of Columbia. He has practiced law since 1996 and graduated magna cum laude from the Regent University School of Law. Cortman’s notable media appearances include Fox News, CNN Headline News, Court TV, MSNBC News with Brian Williams, The Glenn Beck Program and National Public Radio. He has also been featured in The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner, The Christian Post, and Townhall Magazine, as well as on The Christian Broadcasting Network, The New American, Human Events, and World Net Daily.