Former Co-Chair of Obama National LGBT Leadership Council: We don’t want tolerance, we want acceptance

Stamp Corbinn writes at (a site advocating homosexual behavior): “So, why do I constantly see arguments in the LGBT press extolling tolerance of us from the larger community or suggestions that we should be tolerated? What I want, and I hope the community at large wants, is acceptance. That’s right, approval and respect of my sexual orientation. Acceptance says a lot more about what we want to achieve as a movement. We want our enemies and detractors to accept that we exist, accept that our sexual orientation is not changeable, accept that we have loving relationships and accept that we too are normal . . .  Stampp Corbin is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and LGBT activist. He was Co-Chair of the Obama National LGBT Leadership Council and a former Board Director for the Human Rights Campaign. Stampp is currently a San Diego City Commissioner for the Citizens’ Equal Opportunity Commission.

In 2005, ADF attorney Glen Lavy prepared this Homosexual Activism Chart outlining the scope and goals of the homosexual agenda.