Calif. city may face legal action over prayer vote

FFRF insists Milwaukee abide by Good Friday court ruling

Fla. Legislature revives voucher amendment

Church-state issue clouds Ind. schools’ conversion

Indiana High School Student Fighting Graduation Prayer Tradition

Same-Sex Couples Sue CalPERS, IRS Over Partner Health Benefits

Media like snake oil salesmen in reporting “gay” role in Church sex abuse scandal, Vatican finally confronts

Ron Paul chastises at GOP conference: Conservatives ‘like the empire’

    The Raw Story: “‘The conservatives and the liberals, they both like to spend,’ Paul said, according to Think Progress. ‘Conservatives spend money on different things. They like embassies, and they like occupation. They like the empire. They like to be in 135 countries and 700 bases. ‘Don’t you think it’s rather conservative to say, ‘Oh it’s good to follow the Constitution. Oh, except for war. Let the President go to war anytime they want.’ We can do better with peace than with war.’”

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LA: Abortion insurance ban bill advances

Clock ticks on Kansas abortion bill

VA: Justices hear church property dispute

North Dakota Measure Seeks to Ban Decapitation, Skull Crushing during Abortion

Senate Democrats to Obama: Ignore GOP, Nominate Pro-Abortion Activist for Supreme Court

Chicago dad can take daughter to church, judge rules in interfaith divorce

ME: HRC panel postpones transgender guidelines

Two Tories join Labour in “gay rights” row

TN: Graphic sex education class at Hillsboro could result in teacher discipline

VA: Court Rejects Establishment Clause Challenge To Housing Financing

Geoffrey R. Stone: Our Fill-in-the-Blank Constitution

Catholic League: High time for honest discussion about homosexuals in the priesthood and incidence of sex abuse

Citing evidence, Vatican reaffirms “gay” link in sex abuse cases

Florida lawmakers debate sexting bill

Italian court rebuffs bid to redefine marriage

Sen. Hatch questions AG on obscenity enforcement

    Today in a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah confronted Attorney General Eric Holder about his policy of enforcement of Federal laws against illegal adult pornography or “obscenity” as it is known in the law

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Ariz. medical marijuana supporters aim for ballot

ADF launches legal effort to protect churches from government intrusion

Commencements tilting decidedly left

Conservatives in Nevada want Sen. Ensign to quit

White House Said to Be Widening Search for High Court Nominee

Police probe Dignitas death after son raises questions

UK: School receptionist prayer case settled

Freedom of speech could be threatened by Scottish law

Looking back, looking forward: Pro-life strategy and jurisprudence for the 21st Century

Sevier County Commission candidates respond to questions

A Christian now? No promotion for you!

France condemns Vatican for blaming “gay priests”

    “‘This is an unacceptable linkage and we condemn this,’ said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Bernard Valero.”

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Suit against pro-marriage counselor is dropped

ADF attorneys available to keep students from being silenced on Day of Truth

Complaints dismissed against Maine counselor for supporting true marriage

Teacher cleared in ME “gay marriage” probe

Officials hiding report showing how Obama Administration wrongly tracked abortion groups

ADF brief: ‘You can say the Pledge in public schools’

FRENCH: Big government crushes Christians

Vatican under fire for linking “gays” to sex abuse scandal

ADF attorneys to debate, discuss Supreme Court case involving Christian student group