ACLU-TN Urges Governor to Veto Legislation Restricting Abortion Coverage

    “The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee (ACLU-TN) late yesterday sent a letter to Governor Bredesen urging him to veto SB 2686/HB 2681, which would prevent any woman purchasing a qualified health plan through a state exchange from obtaining coverage for abortion. The legislation goes significantly further than longstanding rules against federal funding for abortion, which have traditionally permitted exceptions in cases of life endangerment, rape or incest. SB 2686/HB 2681 would not permit coverage even under those extreme circumstances.”

  • Posted: 04/29/2010
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“Openly gay students in Tennessee fight for their rights”

Greg Baylor: Perhaps the worst op-ed on CLS v. Martinez

UK: “Ex-archbishop attacks judges over gay counselling ruling”

Pakistan’s religious minorities gain representation in senate

Kenyan Anglicans reject draft Constitution

VA: Jewish groups call on McDonnell to change “Jesus” prayer policy

Belgium lower house approves burqa ban

New York proposes “presumed consent” organ harvesting law

New US House bill would overturn last meaningful restrictions on international abortion funding

Mexico: Proposed law would send doctors who don’t suggest abortion to jail

English Bishops’ Catholic Education Service hits out at pro-life critics

Liberal Toronto Star set to take over Canada’s last conservative newspaper

“The future of the abortion-rights movement”

India: Christians attacked by Hindu extremists, arrested by police

    Spero News: “A gang of Hindu extremists affiliated with the Bajrang Dal attacked a group of Christian women and children who were coming from a peace festival. The incident occurred last night around 11.30 in a village in the State of Karnataka. During the attack, the Hindu extremists called in police who instead of stopping the attackers arrested the women and children. The latter were kept in jail overnight and released only this morning at 8.30. Christian activists slammed this latest example of anti-Christian discrimination and violence, which represents further evidence of the progressive ‘talibanisation’ of India.”

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California same-sex “marriage” ban trial to close in June

Senate Committee Advances Federal Court Camera Access

Kansas: Anti-child porn bill approved

Louisiana bill would require schools to teach sex education

ND: Jamestown forum focuses on outside groups in school buildings

Is Judge Diane Wood too risky a choice for Obama?

NY nurse forced to participate in abortion files additional suit against Mt. Sinai Hospital

The Gray Lady’s inconsistent defense of the First Amendment

Jim Bopp, Jr.: Freedom manifesto key to Republican comeback

    James Bopp, Jr. writes at the Washington Times: “We are at another turning point. President Obama is pursuing a socialist agenda based upon a demand for radical equality. As embraced by modern-day liberals, this is not equal opportunity, but equality of outcomes. By rejecting both success and failure, radical equality leads inexorably to a tyranny of shared misery . . . As one ‘tea party’ leader said, the Republican Party is now on probation . . . ”

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MD: Montgomery County takes baby steps toward charter schools

Dumped by Cameron, now Tory hopeful’s job in peril

Canada: B.C. school disputes lesbian teacher’s allegations

Greg Baylor: Further Response to Prof. Hamilton re CLS v. Martinez

Fenty apologizes for honoring leader of “ex-gay” movement

Two church-state rulings reach opposite conclusions

White House Less Concerned about Religious Freedom, Report Says

UK: Christian counsellor loses court fight over sacking

MA: School Bully Bill Expected To Pass Thursday

Canada Has It Both Ways On International Abortion Funding & U.S. role

    Jaclyn Schiff writes at NPR: “Although Canada came out recently against abortion funding, Oda’s comments suggest the door is open for other G8 countries to follow their own course on aid for maternal and child health, including supporting abortion. As for the U.S., the G8′s apparent flexibility on maternal and child health aid doesn’t mean America will be paying for abortions abroad anytime soon, despite the current administration’s support . . . ”

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John Cornyn: GOP leaders want their money back from Charlie Crist

Senate Democrats to unveil immigration plan

    The Hill: “The memo indicates the Democrats’ plan includes measures to bolster border security and unify standards for the detention and removal of illegal immigrants. The plan also provides a path to U.S. citizenship for illegal immigrants who agree to some penalties, including paying back-taxes . . . ”

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No Pro-Life Democrats Who Backed Pro-Abortion Health Care Back New Hyde Bill

“Gays and God are not mutually exclusive”

What do you call an illegal legal society?

    Hannah Shtein writing in The Badger-Herald: “UC Hastings Dean Leo Martinez claims that rejecting members on the basis of sexual orientation is indeed discrimination. Countering this, CLS attorney [Greg Baylor]states that it is not discrimination for a belief-grounded group to require that its members share its core values. Baylor would have an argument if the point at issue was only about belief. But that’s not quite the case. To strengthen his point, the CLS attorney used the hypothetical example of student political groups, comparing the situation to requiring the College Republicans to allow a Democrat to be their leader. I’m not sure what law school this guy went to, but his analogy could use some work. Let’s say groups have a right to choose their members based on belief. Beliefs are not something we are born with, but are views we come to hold based on an indefinite number of environmental factors, such as home environment, schooling, etc.”

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American Legion: Hill praises High Court for cross ruling

GOP Senators Hammer Nominee on Death Penalty Case

5th Circuit Hears Oral Arguments In Challenge To Texas Pledge of Allegiance

USCIRF Releases 2010 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom

Chaplains oppose “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal

No more National Days of Prayer?

Veterans memorial given Supreme clearance

Military is muzzling chaplains and others who support “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy on homosexuality, former chaplains say

Christian lawyers claim religious persecution: Will the Supreme Court agree?

Mojave cross can stand

Mojave symbol should stay, high court rules

Court backs Mojave cross deal; case sent back to 9th Circuit

Supreme Court decides Mojave Cross Memorial can stay

Supreme Court OKs Mojave War Memorial cross transfer

Military chaplains urge Obama to maintain ban on open homosexuals in military

Repealing DADT will infringe on religious freedom within the military, say Christian advocates

Scalia notes that “democracy takes a certain amount of civic courage”

Federal Court: NJ school board can’t abort student pro-life event

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” debate divides religious leaders

Group: Army symbol is religious, should be changed

Navy to allow women to serve on submarines

Teacher pensions are a ticking time bomb

    NCPA Policy Digest: “What could be worse news than public school teacher pensions across the country reporting an unfunded liability of over $330 billion, asks Josh Barro, the Walter B. Wriston Fellow at the Manhattan Institute? How about the fact that these reports understate the size of the liability by a factor of three? . . . ”

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Motions Filed for Rehearing in National Motto and Pledge of Allegiance Cases

Senate Dems will move campaign finance bill before July 4th

The Insurance Mandate in Peril

NY: Hospital apologizes to nurses over abortion decision

Islamic War On Free Speech Heating Up