ADF Allied Attorney Success Stories: May 2010

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Congratulations to allied attorneys Jim Bopp, Tom Brejcha, Peter Breen, Natalie Decker, Brad Abramson, Steve Fitschen, Doug Myers, Bob Tyler, Jennifer Monk, Frank Mylar, Trent Roddy, Demetrios Stratis, Steve Taylor, and Michael Tierney, for their recent successes listed below. Please take time to congratulate them!

James Bopp, Jr. (Bopp, Coleson, and Bostrom; James Madison Center for Free Speech). Jim continues to reap the benefits of his victory in Citizens United! The Supreme Court recently granted cert, vacated a Fourth Circuit decision upholding the denial of an injunction, and remanded The Real Truth About Obama v. FEC in view of Citizens United. RTAO had sought an injunction prohibiting an FEC enforcement action if it provided accurate information about Obama’s position on abortion during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Thomas L. Brejcha and Peter C. Breen (Thomas More Society). Jason Craddock graciously pointed out that Tom and Peter were responsible for the lion’s share of the work and deserved the credit for obtaining the favorable settlement for pro-life demonstrators in Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood v. City of Aurora that we reported last month. Thanks to Jason for that correction.

Natalie L. Decker (The Law Office of Natalie L. Decker, LLC); Bradley S. Abramson (Thomas N. Scheffel & Associates, P.C.). Natalie and Brad succeeded in getting the City of Lakewood, CO to dismiss a noise ordinance citation against Colorado Christian University. The noise at issue was from the school’s recreational facility, which is no different than the noise coming from any other school with similar facilities.

Steve Fitschen and Doug Myers (National Legal Foundation); Robert Tyler and Jennifer L. Monk (Advocates for Faith and Freedom); and Frank D. Mylar (Mylar Law, P.C.). These allies and others were involved in filing amicus briefs in Salazar v. Buono. In overturning an injunction against the display of the Mojave Desert Cross, Justice Kennedy’s plurality opinion stated that “The Constitution does not oblige government to avoid any public acknowledgment of religion’s role in society.”

Trent P. Roddy (Perrier & Lacoste, LLC). Trent succeeded in obtaining dismissal of charges against two street preachers in New Orleans.

Demetrios Stratis (Demetrios K. Stratis, L.L.C.). Demetrios successfully defended a pastor’s qualification to be on the ballot for a city council position after an opponent challenged the validity of his petition signatures. In addition, Demetrios obtained dismissal of charges against a client for preaching outside the student center at Rutgers University in New Jersey v. Jacobs.

Steve C. Taylor (Steve C. Taylor P.C.). Steve settled federal claims of five street preachers in Craft v. City of Richmond, after the City revised the ordinance that was improperly used against his clients.

Michael J. Tierney (Wadleigh Starr & Peters, PLLC). The trial court awarded Michael attorney fees in Frost v. Town of Hampton, the street preacher case he recently settled.

Don’t forget: if you have had a recent success or noteworthy accomplishment, we want to hear from you even if the issue is unrelated to the ADF core areas! It’s a great way for us to encourage each other.

Please note that we sometimes report successes or noteworthy items that are not within ADF areas of focus and that would not qualify for pro bono credit.

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