Heather Gebelin Hacker: Christian Legal Society v. Martinez update

ADF Attorney Heather Gebelin Hacker writing at Speak Up Movement / University: “Yesterday morning, the Supreme Court issued seven opinions, but Christian Legal Society v. Martinez was not among them. The CLS case is now the only case from the Court’s April sitting that has not been decided. … Now that we have more information, we can fill in our ‘bingo card’ a little more, but the outcome is still far from certain. Chief Justice Roberts wrote the 8-1 majority decision in Doe v. Reed, a case litigated by ADF ally Jim Bopp. That means that the only two justices who have not written an opinion from the April sitting are Justice Ginsburg and retiring Justice Stevens. It is not unheard of for a justice to write two opinions from one sitting–Justice Stevens wrote two opinions from the March sitting, for example–but the Court generally tries to distribute the burden of opinion writing evenly.”