Hugh Hewitt and Peter Hitchens: Rage Against God – the decline of Christianity in the West

Hugh Hewitt Show transcript: Peter Hitchens discusses the decline of Christianity in the West, and his book, The Rage Against God. Excerpt: “We are a country in very severe decline of all kinds, and there is, at the moment, no sign whatever of any serious attempt to recover from that decline. On the contrary, it’s embraced by a large part of the population . . . unless something is done about it very soon, then as a society, we will cease to function. We are becoming an uncivilized anarchy, and a very, very uneducated and immoral one as well. The other thing, the institution of marriage is in an advanced state of collapse here. Marriage simply doesn’t enter into the lives of many young people who set up home without even considering getting married. It doesn’t happen. It’s gone. The number of children being born outside wedlock is colossal. I think it’s now the majority.” | Peter Hitchens, The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith