IRS fears prosecuting churches over politics

Culture Campaign: On Fox News with Glenn Beck, “David Barton, Founder and President of WallBuilders, explains why the IRS is not pursuing pastors who defiantly preach from the pulpit in manner that is claimed to risk the church’s tax exempt status: Experts believe the IRS would lose in court, and the entire regulation would then be null and void.”

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[7.15.2010] ADF attorney Erik Stanley writes at the Christian Post Advancing Religious Liberyt Blog (via the Speak Up Movement Blog): “So why can’t ADF just file a prospective lawsuit against the IRS asking the Court to issue a declaratory judgment that the Johnson Amendment is unconstitutional as applied to a pastor’s sermon? Or why couldn’t ADF file a lawsuit against the IRS and ask the Court for an injunction to stop the IRS from applying the Johnson Amendment to a pastor’s sermon from the pulpit? The easy answer to why such a lawsuit would not work is that Congress has prohibited lawsuits against the IRS that seek either a declaratory judgment or an injunction.” | ADF Pulpit Initiative