Alan E. Sears: The Same-Sex Agenda: Rage, Rage at the Rising of the Light

ADF President and General Counsel Alan Sears has this commentary at The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview:

It is the resentment of that divine moral authority that ultimately fuels much of the homosexual legal agenda, just as reverence and respect for that authority—not bigotry—drives many of those who openly oppose that agenda.  Resentment and rebellion against God began in that same garden where marriage was both first ordained and first assaulted, and the determination of mortal souls to embrace forbidden fruit at whatever cost to Paradise hasn’t changed across the millennia.

This is not to say, as the trial court wrongly concluded in the Perry case, that respect for a Higher Authority is the only reason anyone supports protecting marriage as the union of a husband and wife.  That’s clearly not the case.  But reduced to its fundamentals, the cultural war over demands to fabricate “rights” based on homosexual behavior is enflamed not by the refusal of “traditionalists” of all stripes to acknowledge new definitions of love and family, but by the confused hatred of homosexual partisans for a God who would limit their lusts.