Pastor may back down on Koran burning if Muslims back down on Ground Zero Mosque

Today on the Sean Hannity Radio Show, Terry Jones, the pastor of the small church in Florida, that is planning to burn the Koran indicated his church would reconsider its plans to burn the Koran if Muslims back down from building the Ground Zero Mosque. Leaders of the U.S. government have supported the Ground Zero Mosque while actively opposing the Koran burning both of which are purported First Amendment rights. | U.S. Government cacophony slams tiny church’s plans to burn “Holy Quran” | FLASHBACK: U.S. Military Burns Bibles in Afghanistan | Politico: Clinton sidesteps mosque debate, condemns “disgraceful” Quran-burning plans | Obama’s mosque remarks reverberate

Jihad Watch: Attorney General: Murderous Muslim rage over Qur’an-burning “idiotic and dangerous” — no, wait…
“f this were a flag-burning, do you think Holder, Clinton, Gibbs and all the rest would be speaking this way? I don’t support the Qur’an burning, as I don’t like the idea of burning books in general, but what Holder, Petraeus, Clinton and the rest seem to have forgotten, if they ever knew it, is that burning this book will not harm Muslims in Indonesia, Afghanistan or anywhere else . . . And the idea that the Muslim world’s response to this is reasonable and that we must do our best to placate it is simply aiding and abetting a madman in his madness.”