Caution: Wretched hive of villainy ahead

Ken McIntyre writing at The Heritage Foundation / The Foundry: “When friends of religious liberty gathered today at Heritage, Tom McClusky, senior vice president of Family Research Council’s legislative action arm, FRC Action, presented one parade of potential horribles. Scanning McClusky’s ‘You’re So Lame’ list of 24 liberal goals, [Jordan Lorence], a senior counsel at the Alliance Defense Fund cracked: ‘It’s the legislative equivalent of the barroom scene in Star Wars.’ Indeed, what McClusky calls a ‘partial list‘ is a veritable cantina full of smugglers, bounty hunters, intrusive bureaucrats and space cadets set to run amok. It begins with more taxpayer-funded abortions and embryonic stem-cell research; promotion of same-sex marriage at the expense of traditional marriage; creating employment rights based on sexual orientation and ending the military’s ban on homosexuals serving openly.”