Ethics panel splits on Rangel, Waters

Australia: GPs back euthanasia for old people “tired of life”

Montana removes ban on religious-based groups in charity programs

Tulsa couple wins fight over religious mobile home signage

Mexican cardinal defends position on same-sex “marriage”

MT: Bozeman unanimously backs same-sex couples’ lawsuit

Appeals Court allows Obama to fund embryonic stem cell research during suit

DADT failure widens rift among “gay-rights groups”

Indianapolis responds to complaints about bakery not serving “gay” customer

FL: “Gay rights” fight keeps ramping up in Orange County

UK lesbian mother wins child support court battle in European Court of Human Rights

The Christian Institute on Ed Miliband, new Labour Party leader

Jordan Lorence: Seven reasons why the NYT is wrong to criticize Iowa retention vote on justices who imposed same-sex “marriage”

U.S. should implement working group recommendations, says ACLU

Canada’s prostitution laws unconstitutional, court rules

Holy See upholds parental role in sex education

Controversy over ABA positions on marriage and immigration

Abortion opponents heating up Kansas Supreme Court races

100 pastors stand for freedom

“HRC & Courage Campaign reveal the real National Organization for Marriage”

Ill. Congresswoman calls for repealing Hyde Amendment; backs assertion that abortion is safer than childbirth

Investigate racism in the Obama Justice Department

    Andrew C. McCarthy writing at National Review Online: “In hair-raising testimony that named names, Coates described the Obama-Holder Justice Department’s policy of racially biased civil-rights enforcement. In so doing, he corroborated the prior account of his fellow whistleblower, J. Christian Adams, who resigned from the department in order to comply with a commission subpoena . . . Both Coates and Adams assert that they came forward because the Obama administration’s policy flagrantly violates civil-rights law and the Constitution. Both also said that public statements and testimony by high-ranking DOJ officials about the Panthers and DOJ policy case have been false.”

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Axelrod: Abortion will “certainly be an issue” in the election

New population study shows NY to lose two seats, Florida to gain two

Supreme Court to decide corporate privacy rights

IRS should investigate Okla. church that endorsed candidate, says Americans United

Obama questioned on abortion, why he is a Christian

    CNN: “‘I am a Christian by choice,’ Obama began, standing beneath a blazing sun, when asked why he is a Christian . . . The same questioner also asked Obama about regulations on early and late-term abortion, a politically charged issue in the abortion debate. Obama responded that abortion should be ‘safe, legal and rare’ in America, adding that families — not the government — ‘should be the ones making the decision.’”

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“A defense of free speech by American and Canadian Muslims”

Eight house churches shut down in Northern Syria

Temporary marriages stir Iraqi sensitivities

Jewish landlord alleges religious bias in Postville, Iowa

New York town wants local Muslims to dig up their cemetery

Dutch to complete talks on cabinet backed by anti-Islamist Freedom Party

“[F]ight back against death threats by Islamic extremists”: Treat them like pro-lifers

College campuses are abortion battleground

More Fed action: How would it work?

    Washington Post / Political Economy: “Some of this talk is a little premature: It is not a given that the Fed will take action at all at its the Nov. 2-3 meeting . . . But here is a guide to the range of technical and strategic questions that Fed leaders will need to resolve, should they choose to act, on how to ease monetary policy and stimulate growth. These are the questions that have already started to occupy both officials within the Fed and the outside analysts who scrutinize their every move.”

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“Sister Wives” polygamist under investigation

Unions count on 100,000 protesters at EU

Gallup poll finds 30 percent of Americans now support Tea Party

    CNSNews: “A recent Gallup Poll (taken Aug. 27-30), finds that 30 percent of Americans say they are supporters of the Tea Party movement, while 27 percent say they are opponents – a 2 percent increase in support since March. The remainder were neutral or did not have an opinion.”

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Mississippi Supreme Court proposes mandatory pro bono

“They’re gay, conservative and proud”

“The GOP’s dilemma: Winning over ‘gay rights’ advocates could mean losing part of its base”

Democrats to push bill after elections allowing abortions at military base hospitals

First Amendment “zones” at U of Alabama

After 10 years in US, abortion pill still divisive

Why American public schools need religion courses

Supreme Court Asked to Review Laws Banning Campaign Speech for Judges

Senate GOP blocks bill that would promote less outsourcing

Judicial deference to Congress versus judicial deference to state legislatures

Poll: Nevadans favor balanced federal budget, let states repeal federal laws

    Las Vegas Review-Journal: “A majority of Nevadans say they believe it is time to revive a proposed constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget, according to a new poll. And in a measure of how residents feel about Uncle Sam these days, a majority either support or would not rule out letting states repeal federal laws if two-thirds of the legislatures agree.”

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Supreme Court will put audio of every argument on web

Senate advances bill aimed at averting shutdown

Indian Court rejects deferral of case on holy site

AK Democratic Senator eyes hardball with White House to push Alaska drilling

Conference at Princeton: Sexuality, Integrity, and the University

Are taxpayers really getting soaked by for-profit colleges?

    The Daily Caller: “A new report by former Democratic strategist and economist Robert Shapiro will make moving forward on said regulations that much more difficult. In a report titled ‘The Public Costs of Higher Education: A Comparison of Public, Private Not-for-Profit, And Private For-Profit Institutions,’ Shapiro makes the case that for-profit colleges such as University of Phoenix Online and Kaplan don’t receive nearly as much in federal subsidies as nonprofit private colleges and public universities.”

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The looming Constitutional crisis in California

Heritage Foundation: Education reform’s kryptonite

GOP divided on how to replace health overhaul law

Malaysia calls for moderation to fight extremists

Small-town mayor stoned to death in western Mexico

Philippine church hits president on contraception

FFRF signs onto AHA brief challenging tax credit for religious schools

“Beijing police raid gay spot, question dozens”

Court questions Obama Admin lawyers on embryonic research funding appeal

Pastor on list says he didn’t participate in Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Freedom of speech from the pulpit

David French: The academic-freedom movement evolves

“Christian clergy hypocritically oppose the IRS”

An agenda that America has repeatedly rejected

Pastors preach politics in legal challenge