Put more homosexuals on TV, says BBC

FL: 8 face charges after raid at Cocoa strip club

The EU is an antidote to democratic governments, argues President Barroso

ADF asks 9th Circuit to rehear ‘Ask God what your grade is’ ruling

Dutch politicians revolt over burka plans

Los Angeles LGBT center wins $13-million federal grant to help “gay foster youth”

A closer look at reproductive rights in Moldova

Muslim extremists murder Christian lawyer, family in Pakistan

Janice Shaw Crouse: Who says marriage is obsolete?

    Janice Shaw Crouse writing in The American Spectator: “Now it goes without saying that there are good marriages and there are bad marriages, depending upon the values and virtues of the persons involved. But marriage does provide a framework with a tremendous potential and incentive for learning how to work together. Being unmarried may let you ‘have it your way,’ but a ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ attitude doesn’t pay off on the job, where the ability to compromise and get along are just as essential to smooth operations as they are in a marriage.”

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Iowa Chief Justice defends decision to redefine marriage

Campaigning for the Manhattan Declaration

VA: Adult store protest planned in Manassas

Colo. Senate hopeful trips over abortion measure

Lambda Legal applauds court decision upholding Cleveland domestic partner registry

SD: Former Ellsworth sergeant to sue city after police “outed” her to Air Force

Alliance Defense Fund weighs in with Pentagon repeal panel

Elena Kagan takes her place on high court bench

Why is college so expensive?

ECLJ tells UN: Protect Christians from religious hatred

7th Circuit: SOB crime study does not support hours-of-operation ordinance

    Annex Books v. City of Indianapolis, No. 09-4156 (7th Cir. Oct. 1, 2010)

    SOB crime study does not support hours-of-operation ordinance

    Before Easterbrrok, Chief Judge, and Flaum and Rovner, Circuit Judges. Per Curiam.

    The 7th Circuit held that the study, Do ‘Off-Site’ Adult Businesses Have Secondary Effects? Legal Doctrine, Social Theory, and Empirical Evidence, 31 L. & Policy 217 (2009) by Richard McCleary & Alan C. Weinstein [SSRN | PDF] does not adequately support an Indianapolis ordinance requiring “adult bookstores to be closed all day on Sunday and between midnight and 10 a.m. on other days.” According to the court, the study “suffers [two] shortcomings . . . it concerns a dispersal ordinance rather than an hours-of-operation limit, and the authors did not attempt to control for other potential causes of change in the number of arrests near adult establishments.” Annex Books offered local evidence “suggesting [the] number of arrests near plaintiffs’ stores did not go down when the revised ordinance took effect, and in some areas arrests rose.” Therefore, the 7th Circuit upheld the district court’s grant of a preliminary injunction against Indianapolis.

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“Gay couples seek to defend Wisconsin domestic partner law”

“The Ivy League’s big gay admission”

Teachers unions still powerful election force

White House meets with Senator to plan DADT repeal after election

    The Advocate: “The White House may make one last-ditch effort this year to push through the defense authorization bill that houses a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal measure during the period following the midterms . . . The White House is beating back criticism for not being more engaged during last week’s unsuccessful vote to advance the legislation before Congress recessed for the midterm election.”

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Pelosi: DADT “will be gone by the end of the year”

Mona Charen: It’s the marriage rate, stupid

NOM gets opportunity to refile suit challenging RI limits on election advertising

Dobson: Federal abortion ban unlikely

    OneNewsNow: “Dr. James Dobson, founder and chairman emeritus of Focus on the Family, says he does not think abortion will be completely banned in the U.S. — but he is willing to settle for less. ‘I would be willing to settle for each state making a decision, and we’ll fight that out in the state legislatures in 50 states. I just don’t see the Supreme Court saying this is flat-out illegal,’ he laments.”

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FFRF statement on religious engraving case at Capitol

Spanish gov’t imposes €100,000 for “anti-homosexuality” ads?

9th Circuit backs Alaska’s judicial selection process

Schwarzenegger signs bill to reduce marijuana penalties

FL: Vernon city attorney: Prayer dispute does not involve city

NJ: Point Pleasant Beach agrees to replace prayer with moment of silence at start of council meetings

Freedom of conscience under attack by EU “Equalities” initiatives

Homosexual agenda safe in UK Labour Party under Miliband

Amnesty International demands decriminalization of abortion throughout Latin America

Kristof’s error: Population control is an easy, but wrong solution

    Bryan Clowes, Research Manager, Human Life International, writing at LifeSiteNews: “The ultimate objective of the population controllers is not to ensure the widespread availability of contraception, but the worldwide availability of abortion . . . Today, the most powerful population control groups in the world are quite frank about their desire to legalize abortion worldwide . . . What the poor people of the world need is not pills and condoms, but authentic economic development. Studies have demonstrated that, when the standard of living of poor people is raised, they tend to have fewer children. Urbanization, the education of women, increased consumerism, and job opportunities for women outside the home are among the factors that influence people to have smaller families.”

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Cal. Supreme Court considers constitutionality of tuition preferences for resident illegal immigrants over nonresident U.S. citizens

CDC: Two more U.S. women have died from using RU 486 abortion drug

A bid to not mix welfare, gambling

    USA Today: “Welfare recipients have long been banned from using their benefits for alcohol and tobacco. Some state lawmakers are eyeing the vice of gambling, a move some advocates for the poor see as unnecessary and unfair. Michigan legislators are debating a ban on using public assistance debit cards at ATMs in casinos. In June, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, issued an executive order banning the practice. Minnesota and Arizona also ban it.”

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New UN report admits data faulty on claims of women dying in illegal abortions

U.S. Apologizes For Syphilis Experiments In Guatemala

Philippine tour guide’s protest offends Catholics

Phil Gramm: Echoes of the Great Depression

David Hacker: ADF asks Ninth Circuit to rehear Lopez v. Candaele ruling

National organization calls for investigation into Edmond church

IRS asked to investigate pastor’s pulpit endorsement

Pastors defy prohibition on politicking

At Harvard, Groupthink About Islam

Dissent Breaks Out Over ABA Fees for Ethics Opinions

Judges, Abortion Foes Want Supreme Court to Weigh In on Judicial Campaign Speeches

“Police detain anti-gay protesters in Moscow”

Albert Mohler: Divorce, the scandal of the Evangelical conscience