Indiana: School district sued over 1st grade Bible class

ACLU sues SC jail over Bible policy

NJ: Millburn library changes room policy after ADF challenge

ADF urges UN to protect religious expression

ADF continues to fight for elementary student barred from reading Bible at recess

Exodus International pulls support for event challenging homosexuality

Strategists: Teen suicides are opportunity to advance homosexual agenda

FFRF: “Blessing high schooler helmets treads on constitution”

FL: Neither side backing down on football prayer dispute

Private sector sheds 39,000 jobs in September

MI: American Family Association threatens lawsuit against Saline school district

Italian law on assisted fertility under judicial review

MN: Archbishop denies Communion to “gay activist” students at Catholic college

The key to killing DOMA? Curb appeal

Salt Lake City schools could ban “anti-gay discrimination”

WA: Parents fume over sexuality questions at school

Belgium keeping alive EU anti-discrimination bill

EU ambassador to stand up for “gay pride” in Serbia

UK: Catholic adoption agency renews fight to stay open

North Carolina takes on ACLU over Christian flag

Open letter to Obama on Mojave Desert Cross

Planned Parenthood challenged, says no complications from telemed abortions

David French: Higher-ed-bubble update: Pansexuality edition

Woman seeking identity of sperm-donor father may get day in B.C.’s Supreme Court

Canada: Surrogate refuses to abort Down syndrome baby despite client demand

Health vote haunts pro-life Democrats

Wisconsin: Marinette pro-life billboard turning heads

UK study: Women prefer surgical abortion to pill in second trimester

Florida lawyer warns of deepening foreclosure mess

Sarah Palin: November elections about fighting “culture of death”

Does “living in sin” still lead to divorce?

    Newsweek: “As cohabiting has come more common across the country . . . the once strong link between ‘living in sin’ and divorce has weakened over time. While some religious groups, such as socially conservative Christians and Orthodox Jews, still frown upon living together before marriage, two thirds of marriages in the U.S. now start as cohabitations. ‘Something that used to be stigmatized is now becoming the common experience,’ Smock says . . . Many of the cohabitations that started for economic reasons during the Great Recession are ‘fragile’ and probably won’t result in marriage, says Wendy Manning, associate director of the Center for Family and Demographic Research at Bowling Green State University.”

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Marriage, law and Loving v. Virginia

Justices appear set to limit funeral protests

Complications of Senate proposal to permit retired Justices to fill in for recused colleagues

    Michael C. Dorf writing at FindLaw: “[A]s I shall explain in the balance of this column, the Leahy bill carries with it some potential risks–the most serious of these concerning the judicial politics that could frustrate its effectiveness and exacerbate divisions on the Court . . . On most issues, Justice O’Connor is more conservative than either Justice Stevens or Justice Souter. Would the Court fight a preliminary battle over which retired Justice to appoint in any ideologically-divisive case?”

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Same-sex “marriages” prompt changes in Baptist by-laws

Indonesia: Ulema council aims to curb religious conflicts

Dennis Prager: A letter from a Republican to Hispanics

    Dennis Prager writing at Townhall: “The very reason America has been so prosperous and so free — the very reasons you or your ancestors, like almost every other American’s ancestors, came here — is that America has had more limited government and therefore more liberty than any other country in the world. The Republican Party represents all that you or your parents came to America for — and why you left Mexico and other countries: individual opportunity and individual responsibility. It is also the party that represents your social values.”

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Government of Mexico City is acting like a “dictatorship”: Archdiocese of Guadalajara

Vatican Cardinal: Artificial procreation a “shameful form of commerce”

So, Mr. Gates: DADT or draft?

Ontario Catholic college accused of “false compassion” in hosting advocate of homosexual behavior

New stem cell technique captures “high moral ground”

Fewer children, later marriage, more divorce in Canadian families: study

Australian lesbian couple in rare quintuplets case

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer slams “foreign interference” in immigration lawsuit

Iowa judges await voters’ verdict

Removal of crosses empties society of values, warns Argentina archbishop

ACLU sues NC school over student’s nose piercing

Bulgarian police raid suspected radical Islamists, locals protest

All Federal Circuit vacancies now have nominees, but quick confirmation unlikely

Wis. college nixes video endorsing leftist re-interpretation of biblical moral standards

After Dem leaders skip vote, Bush tax debate flares on campaign trail

DC Circuit: Federal employee need not relitigate religious discrimination victory to appeal retaliation holding

PBS to air series on “God in America”

National Review responds to criticism of its marriage editorial

James Taranto: Green supremacists

Court says confidentiality agreements will not prevent discovery in Establishment Clause suit

India: Evidence shows mosque was imposed on Hindu site

    Koenraad Elst writing in The Brussels Journal: “[T]he mere fact that the Rama Janmabhumi (Rama’s birthplace) site in Ayodhya is well-established as a sacred site for Hindu pilgrimage, is reason enough to protect its functioning as a Hindu sacred site, complete with proper Hindu temple architecture. Ayodhya doesn’t have this status in any other religion . . . So, the sensible and secular thing to do, even for those sceptical of every religious belief involved, is to leave the site to the Hindus . . . a group of ‘eminent historians’ started raising the stakes and turning this local communal deal into a clash of civilizations . . . In Western academe, dozens chose to toe this party-line of disregarding the evidence and denying the obvious, viz. that the Babri Masjid (along with the Kaaba in Mecca, the Mezquita in Cordoba, the Ummayad mosque in Damascus, the Aya Sophia in Istambul, the Quwwatu’l-Islam in Delhi, etc.) was one of the numerous ancient mosques built on, or with materials from, purposely desecrated or demolished non-Muslim places of worship.”

    CNN: Indian court splits holy site in three

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Dutch Court hears Muslims’ complaints against Wilders

Crowds, protesters at high court for speech case

2 men arrested in Romania over child pornography

Supreme Court struggles with funeral protest case

Churches, other groups do more background checks

Richmond, VA restores “Christmas” to parade name

O’Donnell trailing in Del. Senate race, some GOP not supporting her

Charles J. Chaput: The Catholic role in America after virtue has the text of remarks given by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput to the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars on Sunday, Sept. 26: “The inquisitors of today’s developed societies are secular, not religious. The real enemies of human freedom, greatness, imagination, art, hope, culture and conscience are those who attack religious belief, not believers . . . The central problem in constructing a Christian culture is our lack of faith and the cowardice it produces. We need to admit this. And then we need to submit ourselves to a path of repentance and change, and unselfish witness to others . . . The role of Catholics in America is exactly the opposite of what we’ve been doing for half a century or more – compromising too cheaply, assimilating, fitting in, fleeing from who we really are as believers; and in the process, being bleached out and digested by the culture we were sent to make holy.”

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Fighting back against arbitrary government rule

AP-GfK Poll: Working-class whites shun Dems

Euro-socialists want to shut down hospitals opposed to abortion and euthanasia

Jordan Lorence: Bargain Alert: Our “Christian” college will teach your kids decadence, atheism, and doubt for only $42,000 a year!