Minnesota pastors plan to endorse candidates from pulpit

Andy Birkey writes at the Minnesota Independent: “A hundred miles to the southwest, in St. Peter, Pastor Stone says he’ll be endorsing candidates during services as part of Pulpit Freedom Sunday, an Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) campaign to encourage pastors to endorse candidates in direct violation of the law. ADF is the brainchild of Focus on the Family’s James Dobson. ADF hopes that the IRS will revoke the tax-exempt status of those churches that endorse so that it can address the ban on endorsements with its team of lawyers. The rationale is that churches across the country will be able to endorse socially conservative candidates for office, giving Republicans a massive boost in election years — all while keeping their tax-exempt status.” | On the contrary see:  The Pulpit Initiative: What it is – What it’s not. | More information: ADF Pulpit Initiative