Does trucking company have a legal duty to accommodate Muslim employee’s religious objections to transporting alcohol or tobacco?

Eugene Volokh writing at The Volokh Conspiracy: “That’s the argument made in Reedy v. Schneider National, Inc. (E.D. Pa. filed Oct. 15, 2010). Vasant Reddy says that he has ‘a sincerely held religious belief that he cannot consume, possess, or transport alcohol or tobacco,’ and that he informed Schneider National of this. He also says that ‘less than 5% of the loads Defendant transported contained alcohol and/or tobacco,’ which means that it would not have been an ‘undue hardship’ for Schneider to accommodate him. Nonetheless, he says, he was ordered to transport a load with alcohol, and was fired because he refused to transport it. (See the Philadelphia Inquirer for more.)”