Judge denies injunction in Alaska election lawsuit

ACLU Of Texas Moving Its Headquarters To Houston

HRC field team hits the ground in Alaska to support Murkowski

El Paso City Council moves to keep partner benefits

ADF Alliance Alert Publication Schedule

Michigan Planned Parenthood centers denied lease renewal

“ACLU challenges discriminatory military policy cutting in half separation pay for honorably discharged gay and lesbian service members”

Montana rejects ACLU’s “gay” demands

Zambia: Polygamy is just a selfish matter for men

Kevin Theriot: Colorado judge: Religious groups not second class

Bureaucratic error results in $50K tax bill, possible foreclosure on rural Ariz. church

UK: What history should children be taught? The seeding of amnesia is the undoing of citizenship.

    Historian and government adviser Simon Schama writing in the Guardian: “Who is it that needs history the most? Our children, of course: the generations who will either pass on the memory of our disputatious liberty or be not much bovvered about the doings of obscure ancestors, and go back to Facebook for an hour or four. Unless they can be won to history, their imagination will be held hostage in the cage of eternal Now: the flickering instant that’s gone as soon as it has arrived. They will thus remain, as Cicero warned, permanent children, for ever innocent of whence they have come and correspondingly unconcerned or, worse, fatalistic about where they might end up. The seeding of amnesia is the undoing of citizenship.”

    Daniel Hannan adds his own list of six key themes.

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Pope says Europe should support family, political-religious dialogue

Roadside religious places encroachment of public land: Rajsthan high court

MO: Churches, entities must withhold tax on nonresident performances

    Word & Way: “Since 1998, Missouri law has required venues — including churches — to collect withholding tax on amounts over $300 paid to entertainers who come from out-of-state . . . Missouri apparently holds to the federal Internal Revenue Service’s definition of a love offering or love gift. According to Haley Homan, an accountant with the Bobby Medlin, CPA firm in California, the IRS views most gifts to pastors and other Christian workers as payment for services.”

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Sen. Jim DeMint: “You can’t be a fiscal conservative and not be a social conservative”

Army’s Fort Hood report draws criticism, calls to clarify religious accommodation guidelines

12,000 American Muslims to make pilgrimage to Mecca

OR: Douglas County clerk claims she was fired over religious views

Finland’s Evangelical Lutheran Church: Blessings not in cards for same-sex couples

Two Utah cities pass gender identity measures

Mexico House votes for same-sex couple benefits

Belarus: Bible school fined for “unsanitary conditions”

Lawsuit filed over Okla. English-only state law

G20: Why the US should worry if Asian currencies strengthen

Education in Georgia – A Citizen’s Guide

Speaker defends Howell, freedom of speech through First Amendment

Will Indiana marriage amendment see new life?

Christian Coalition releases new app for iPhone and Android smart-phones

“Barack Obama had gay transvestite nanny in Indonesia”

Saying no to no-fault divorce

    Beverly Willett writing at The Huffington Post: “Two months ago, outgoing New York Governor Paterson . . . signed legislation making New York the 50th and final state to sign on to no-fault divorce . . . I was heartsick and wrote about my own divorce experience for The Daily Beast . . . Hate mail had already begun rolling in to the website . . . What was controversial about a woman who loved her husband and children more than anything and wanted to save her family from the heartaches of divorce? Was she really an ‘idiot,’ a ‘psycho’ bent on ‘revenge,’ out to hog-tie the man who freely said “I do” into “forced slavery” because of her hard-headed sense of right and wrong?”

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IL: “Same-sex ‘wedding’ announcement costs woman job at Catholic college”

“PA legislators have chance to make an impact on anti-gay bullying”

80 million Bibles printed in China – and counting

Muslims say Obama failing to keep Cairo promises

Iowa: Democrats hold on to Senate by 71 votes

Chicago Sun-Times: “It’s time to OK civil unions”

Bush: “The Wolves of Washington” and the Roberts/Miers/Alito Nominations

UN condemns attack on Iraqi Christians

Police raid Australian abortion mill after 58 patients contract Hepatitis C

Convicted felon abortionists keep embattled NJ abortion empire running

Violent Muslim occupation of church did not violate law against offending religious sentiments: Spanish judge

Fetus in jar: Bush says he didn’t forsee a “national dialogue”

Kelly Ayotte win shifts feminism to pro-life side in Senate

Late-term abortion practitioner moving to Iowa, Maryland, Indiana

New Jersey defunds Planned Parenthood

German Family Minister attacks feminism in interview

Washington Examiner: Senate GOP should filibuster if Kirk is delayed

Candidate runs to show abortions

UK: Why is a school celebrating that Islamophobic monster Richard the Lionheart?

Wash. Pharmacy Board to change rule on emergency contraception, other drugs

Terry Jeffrey: Obama to visit mosque where crowd cheered Ahmadinejad

David French: Islam’s ignorant defenders

    ADF Attorney David French writing at Patheos: “Let’s flip the script for a moment. Let’s imagine that in the United States our Christian population was producing thousands of suicide bombers, recruiting tens of thousands of Jihadists, financing hundreds of millions of dollars of arms and ammunition, and distributing literature proclaiming Jews and others as worthy of death. Would Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walk of the set at criticism of Christians? Would Time magazine decry ‘Christophobia’? Of course not. They would argue that Christianity was in crisis, and they would be right.”

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OK: Judge details rationale for halting anti-Sharia law measure

WA: Wiggins takes lead in state Supreme Court race

Texas jury gives FLDS member Dutson 6 years, $10,000 fine

In Indonesia, Obama speaks about religious pluralism in major address

Smoke pot? Schwarzenegger says, who cares?

Islamists kill 2 Indian soldiers in Kashmir

White House notebook: “Indonesians proud of Obama”

10th Circuit: No campaign finance limits for small groups

Obama, first lady visit Indonesia’s largest mosque

Attacks target Iraq’s Christians again, killing several

German tempers fray as U.S. policy gulf widens

CA: Morongo District sales pitch includes veiled threat to homeschoolers

Missouri first to allow homeschool parents to issue work certificates

China may be bigger economy than US within two years

In curt exchange, U.S. faults Israel on housing

US appeals court judge endorses legal marijuana

    Associated Press: “A U.S. federal appeals court judge says the United States should consider legalizing marijuana. Judge Juan Torruella tells a law school audience in Puerto Rico that experimenting with legalization of marijuana and perhaps other drugs is a better way to reduce drug abuse and crime.”

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Pro-lifers pick up seats in Mass. House

NC: Limit flags, group says

Ken Klukowski: Supreme Court weighs AZ tax credit for Christian schools

Conservatives defend DOMA amid more lawsuits

Sen. DeMint forces battle within GOP over earmarks