Abortion demand drops in Wash.

D.C. offers lesson in Charter Schools 101

Del. GOP divided over abortion and other issues

    The News Journal: “At the center are scars from a bitter Senate primary between Christine O’Donnell and Mike Castle that thrust Delaware politics into the national spotlight . . . But in the wreckage of Nov. 2, party members are divided about what they need to do to compete with Democrats, who have 110,000 more registered voters. The division mainly pits the more conservative voters of Sussex, Kent and southern New Castle counties against moderates in the more populous north.”

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Vander Plaats: Four remaining Iowa Supreme Court justices should consider stepping down

Planned Parenthood: Abortion shouldn’t be stigmatized

Pro-life groups respond to Tea Party activists calling for abortion backdown

California Supreme Court rules in favor of “tuition equality” for illegal immigrants

Pakistani woman appeals death sentence for “blasphemy”

Hillary Clinton to release Annual Report on International Religious Freedom

McCain says he will oppose DADT repeal

UK: “People coming out as gay at younger age, research shows”

“DADT splitting gay rights groups”

DeMint: Republican Party needs new Chairman

    LifeNews: “Sen. Jim DeMint, a South Carolina Republican who is one of the leading pro-life conservatives in the Senate, says the national Republican Party needs a new chairman. He says electing someone to replace Michael Steele, the pro-life advocate who currently runs the GOP, is crucial to the 2012 election campaign to defeat pro-abortion President Barack Obama.”

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Culver won’t rule out naming Iowa Supreme Court judges

Guam: Amended abortion bill moves to committee

Merkel repeats call for PGD pre-natal screening ban

TX: Weatherford City Council approves new SOB zoning code

Geneva, IL: Sexually oriented business zoning might be limited to city’s East side

MA: Dedham voters will decide on new brunch law, “adult” zoning

GOP leader McConnell backs down, agrees to earmark ban

    The Hill: “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced Monday that he will join a GOP effort to ban congressional earmarks. McConnell, one of the Senate’s biggest proponents of earmarks, said Monday he had come to the conclusion that he had to lead by example in agreeing to the ban.”

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Time for Pakistan, signatory to international agreements, to repeal blasphemy law

    Michael Nazir-Ali writing in The Guardian: “Pakistan is a signatory to international agreements which prohibit cruel and degrading punishment. It is time for it to honour its commitments and to stand up to extremist purveyors of hate, if it is to have a respected place in the family of nations. The international community, the UN, the Commonwealth and the EU must do everything they can to make sure this vulnerable woman does not suffer the extreme penalty and that others, like her, are not subjected to months and even years of harassment, imprisonment and anxiety as they await a final verdict on their cases.”

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Steep rise in official Dutch euthanasia

Muslims told to reject West: Canadian intelligence report

What the election results mean for state education reform

Prop 8 judge to teach at UC-Berkeley

Iowa: Justice selection will be left to new gov Branstad

Pro-life groups in IA, MD push back against late-term abortionist

Iowa Governor-elect says court commission should take its time

Iowa: Democrat Gronstal says he won’t change stance on marriage amendment

Jay Sekulow and Grégor Puppinck: Is there room left for religious freedom in Turkey?

Suspected Islamist sect members kill Nigerian soldier

1st Circuit turns away attack on Pledge of Allegiance

NJ: Assembly Committee to take up anti-bullying bill

Does religion shape our attitudes toward divorce?

Priests charge that Brooklyn Dem boss Vito Lopez influenced closing or merger of churches

Evanston debates special use permits for churches

IL: DuPage proposal would ban new neighborhood churches

Book Review: Patrick Deneen on Damon Linker’s “Religious Test”

    Patrick J. Deneen writing at The Washington Post / On Faith: “Linker concludes his book with a criticism of such ‘new atheist’ authors as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, differentiating himself inasmuch as he does not seek the wholesale elimination of religious belief, but rather to ensure that where it persists, that it be quarantined to largely private expressions . . . This view of liberal neutrality, then, disproportionately burdens not religious belief per se, but those religious beliefs that have a public or political dimension. In the American setting, this disproportionate burden falls particularly on evangelical Christian and Catholic believers.”

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Endangered Species: Religious minorities in Turkey

Kline to push for school vouchers

Discrimination case against woman seeking “Christian roommate” dropped

Jordan Lorence: WARNING: Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby; so can abortion

ACLJ: Appeals court decision upholding constitutionality of Pledge of Allegiance in NH schools “significant and sound”

Cindy McCain retreats on DADT; John McCain digs in

India: Muslim appeal over Ayodhya holy site ruling

A victory for the American flag

“Missoula Transgender Day of Recognition seeks acceptance, safety”

Newsweek profile of Brian Brown

McCain wants study of DADT repeal on troop morale

Congress braces for hectic lame-duck session — will it include DADT repeal?

Revised “hate-crime” law criticized as ineffective

Muslim who shot soldier in Arkansas says he wanted to cause more death

Irish Catholic priest banned from publishing after comments on homosexuality

Lithuanian parliament mulls ban on “public promotion of homosexual relations”

Catholic university defends firing of employee who published “gay wedding” announcement

Changes demanded to Macedonia’s “anti-gay” textbooks

UK: “Gay Northampton couple attempt to marry”

Australia: National parties face “gay dilemma”

Supreme Court justices spar on Lubbock stage

Justice Department settles religious discrimination lawsuit against Essex County, NJ over headscarves

“Moderate Baptists flunk U.S. history”

La. panel recommends new biology textbooks

Ranks of millionaire college presidents grow

Book review: Constitutional illusions & Anchoring Truths: The Touchstone of the Natural Law

    Matthew O’Brien reviews Constitutional Illusions & Anchoring Truths: The Touchstone of the Natural Law (Cambridge University Press) by Hadley Arkes at Public Discourse: “In Constitutional Illusions Arkes revisits in eight chapters a number of the moral, political, and legal problems provoked by American constitutional jurisprudence, which have been the subject of his scholarly and popular writing for nearly fifty years. It is the burden of Arkes’s argument in the book to show that moral reasoning is inescapable—for the average man just as much for the rarified jurist—and to demonstrate the seamless connection between law and morality.”

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Barna: Is there a “Reformed” movement in American churches?

    Barna Group: “Some observers and journalists have described a movement among Reformed churches, pointing to prominent Reformed pastors and new Reformed church associations as a significant trend. A new study from Barna Group explores whether the so-called ‘New Calvinism’ has, as yet, affected the allegiances of pastors and whether Reformed churches are growing.”

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More Chinese students studying in US

Tea Party activists tell Republicans: Ignore abortion, social issues

Christian medical adviser challenges dismissal over homosexuality views

Feds drop case against woman who sought Christian roommate

    Lee Duigon writing at Chalcedon: “There is a certain amount of mystery involved in this case. In an effort to clear it up, we contacted the official ‘complainant,’ the Fair Housing Center of Western Michigan, based in Grand Rapids. They flatly refused to provide any information about their role in the case, or to answer any questions about it whatsoever. So if at any point we misconstrue their actions or their motives, they have only themselves to blame . . . We hope the person who started this was not a member of the church. But if not, would that mean that the Fair Housing Center had operatives creeping into churches, looking for something to complain about? . . . Ultimately, said [ADF Attorney Joel Oster], ‘common sense prevailed.’ HUD would apparently agree.”

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When religious freedom and equal opportunity employment laws collide

Greg Baylor: From whom does the church take its cues?

Focus sending mixed message with Day of Dialogue?

Sexual orientation outreach program gets new sponsor

Don’t hold your breath waiting for media to address social issues

    Jim Finnegan writing in the Naples Daily News: “A few years ago I had the opportunity to read [Alan Sears] and Craig Osten (Alliance Defense Fund) expose on the well orchestrated homosexual agenda, to force acceptance (the homosexual activists prefer celebration) of their life choice down the throats of Americans whether we like it or not. To say they have been successful in this endeavor would be an understatement. As long as Americans stay silent, activists will succeed in making their life choice for the first time, an accepted open part of our society . . . The Sears and Osten book is a quick and powerful read. Warning, you will see how successful he radical part of the homosexual community has been with their well planned and executed agenda.”

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Law Review: Countering the Dangers of Online Pornography

    Julie Hörnle, Countering the Dangers of Online Pornography – Shrewd Regulation of Lewd Content? (October 1, 2010). Queen Mary School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 65/2010. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1686136

    “This Article will detail how the UK has responded to the greater risks posed by illegal online content by successively extending the reach of the substantive criminal laws and by taking preventative measures. It will focus on the example of laws on obscene content on the internet and associated online behaviour and in particular on the ‘grooming’ offences, the law on extreme pornography and virtual child abuse images. An assessment of these offences against the ‘harm principle’ is made and while the internet’s role in facilitating such offences is acknowledged, the article argues that in some respect the legislation has overshot the mark.”

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