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  • Posted: 11/30/2010
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  • Category: ADF in the News

Criticism of FIRE’s stance on “Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act” misses the mark

Liberty Counsel’s healthcare suit on fast-track to 4th Circuit

FRC criticizes Pentagon’s CRWG report on open homosexuality in the military

U.S. Dept. of Defense home page devoted to normalization of homosexual behavior, includes full report

Flush with $100 million, Human Rights Watch sets sights on abortion in Argentina

MN Governor’s recount begins with pro-life challenger behind

Burris amendment would lead to more tax-funded abortions

More pro-life groups lobby against Fred Upton in House

Carhart will start late-term abortions in Maryland soon

Thousands participate in India’s first “gay pride” parade

Pornography Harms: An Untreated Pandemic | Online conference Dec. 9th

Canada: County council rejects Islamic religious assembly application

Egypt’s Islamists say they might withdraw from vote

Christian group asks Apple to reconsider app suspension

“Ireland’s denominational schools may breach children’s human rights”

NY: Judge sides with Monticello against mosque

Do Irish teachers have religious freedom?

Survey shows 31 abortion centers closed over last 12 months

Fed up with the Fed

Alliance Defense Fund’s strong opposition to divorce

Illinois House could vote today on civil unions bill

FRC: Survey shows 63% of military families favor keeping DADT

Islamist Turkey vs. Secular Iran?

Makeup of Prop 8 panel seems promising for same-sex “marriage” advocates

Gates: Report says majority OK with “gay” troops serving openly

South Australia: Finance Minister backs SA Labor push on same-sex “marriage”

Gibbs: Obama backs Pentagon report on “gay” troops

NY: Rabbi forced to violate Sabbath

Strong showing in anti-earmark vote

Ed Whelan: Judge Reinhardt is obligated to disqualify himself from Prop 8 appeal

Texas Skype same-sex “marriage” annulled

Netherlands: Catholic Church may pay collective sex abuse compensation

OH: Judge approves settlement in religious education civil lawsuit

Pakistan: People’s Party member submits bill for amending blasphemy laws

AP: “Pentagon study: Gays could serve with no harm”

Army chaplains oppose DADT repeal on religious speech grounds

Senate shuns push for elimination of pet projects