Prop. 8: Circuit Judge Reinhardt challenged

Iraq: Christian murdered in Mosul; bishops protest

Retiring Cal. Chief Justice Ronald George opposes elections for state supreme courts

C-SPAN Senate Armed Services Committee Video: Defense leaders do Obama’s bidding, urge normalization of homosexuality

    “Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, faced questions on the Pentagon’s review of the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing earlier today.”

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DE: Defrocked priest, parish ordered to pay in sex abuse case – $30M award

Pentagon’s lawyer, leaders say Congress must act quick due to activist courts

NOM calls on Reinhardt to recuse himself from Prop 8 hearing

McCain faults military “gays” study, wants ban kept

Argentina opens debate on abortion

British gov’t wants easier access to abortion

Abortion-causing “ella” drug goes on sale

The religious ties of the Republican Party

ME: Westbrook strip club loses zoning appeal

Court to hear lawsuit on Obama’s embryonic stem cell funds

Stars and Stripes: McCain, Mullen state their cases during DADT hearing

Voices from DADT report of troops who oppose repeal

Book Review: The shape of Progressive bioethics

    Ruth Institute: “Reviewed: Progress in Bioethics: Science, Policy, and Politics (Basic Bioethics), Jonathan D. Moreno and Sam Berger, eds., The MIT Press, 2010 . . . The cumulative effect of the volume is threefold: (1) a commitment to the autonomy and priority of science, (2) an eschewing of ideological (moral or religious) limitation, (3) and a clear commitment to the progressive stance in the rhetorical games of contemporary politics.”

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DADT survey doesn’t say what you think it says

Vote to reject Tulsa “Holiday” parade application may be postponed

“How infidelity has become accepted and even expected in Russia”

CA: Proposed Temecula mosque wins planning commission approval

Survey: Marines most resistant to “gay” troops

ACLU suing Mich. cities over medical marijuana bans

Orgs representing 40 million urge Senators not to repeal DADT

Mich. Christian student confronts teacher’s promotion of homosexual agenda

Muslim restaurant manager in Texas sues for religious discrimination

LPGA players vote to allow “transgender” golfers

UK: “Lesbian mother loses battle to stop gay father spending time with children”

NY: No last push by Paterson to legalize same-sex “marriage”

Hungarian Constitution supports life, marriage

Russian “gays” not banned from military service, says Putin

Lord Carey: beware the sidelining of Christianity

Scottish Parliament rejects End of Life Assistance Bill

The trafficking of young girls booms in the Balkans

Decades after divorce, caregiving and grieving challenge grown children of divorce

Afghan Christian convert’s case may be the subject of a U.S. meeting

Delayed childrearing = more stressful lives

The Turkish government recognizes Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate

British bishop opposes repatriation of Iraqi Christians

Russia: Medvedev signs law on restitution of religious property

UK: Churches told not to expect money for involvement in the “big society”

Australia: Government “Grinch” calls for nativity scene ban

MA: Acton-Boxborough School Committee to vote on religious holidays tonight

Pakistan: Sikh plans to sue Lahore High Court security over religious freedom

Controversy over Christian schools in Somaliland

Manhattan, KS proposes “progressive anti-gay” discrimination policy

Philly mayor restores “Christmas Village” signs

Chaplains reveal strong but divergent views on DADT

Focusing on religion in the public square, Rick Santorum stumps in New England

How redefining marriage redefines parenthood

Key Republican says there’s “no doubt” new leadership needed at FCC

Sen. Inhofe won’t attend Tulsa parade over removal of “Christian” title

Pope: Homosexuality is incompatible with the priesthood, it threatens the call to celibacy

GOP senators who voted against the earmark ban should count on primaries

Have US conscience clause protections been eviscerated?

Swedish parents jailed for “spanking” kids

Pakistan: Christian sentenced to 25 years prison for blasphemy released

India: Legal bid to expose Sonia Gandhi’s faith rejected

Saudi Grand Mufti condemns extremism and violence in sermon, experts discuss it

Ethiopian monasticism struggles following period of Marxist nationalization of land

Miss. judge awaits confirmation to 5th Circuit

VA federal court rejects Constitutional challenges to ObamaCare

Carson Holloway: Illegal immigration and the rule of law

Home schoolers don’t want CEDAW

Jeremy Dys debates Pepe Johnson on DADT

George Weigel: A tale of two Europes

FRC Update: GOP clips Senate’s (Left) wing; fighting forces fight policy change

    FRC Washington Update has these two reports.

    GOP Clips Senate’s (Left) Wing: “Without 60 votes, the Democrats are powerless to move anything on their social agenda. In a letter to Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), signed by all 42 GOP senators, Republicans made it clear that if the Majority Leader wants to move any legislation, it will be on their terms.”

    Fighting Forces Fight Policy Change: “The authors of the report admitted that they didn’t ask whether our service members were for or against repeal, but on page 49 they did acknowledge why. ‘If the Working Group were to attempt to numerically divide the sentiments we heard expressed in IEFs, online inbox entries, focus groups, and confidential online communications between those who were for or against repeal of the current Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, our sense is that the majority of views expressed were against repeal of the current policy.’”

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Daniel Pipes: “You can’t fight Islamism with ideas coming out of Europe”

    Daniel Pipes: “Islam is deeply important to the public lives of Muslims. That Islam is a religion of laws, and those laws are quite permanent and universal. That they are not the same everywhere at all times, but the basics are consistent. That there are times of greater emphasis and times of lesser emphasis but Muslims always come back to these laws. Now, of course, is a time of greater emphasis. Islamic laws have far greater power than they had when I entered this field over forty years ago.”

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Pro-family leaders warn that “hate group” label defines Christianity as bigotry

Brent Bozell: Glorifying “great” liberal judges

    Brent Bozell writing at Townhall: “America was founded on the principle of representative democracy: The government would make policy based on the consent of the governed. Liberal elitists have grown increasingly impatient with this unenlightened system, and more and more, they are relying on judicial activists to remake society in their desired image. Far from being tribunes of the people, these judges are honored by the media elite for going around public opinion — and the Constitution — whenever the liberal impulse beckons.”

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Peter Wehner: The soul of the state