Lebanon: Labor minister drafts law preventing inter-religious property and land sales

IHOP withdraws lawsuit against KC religious group

Hong Kong voting committee to add religious electors

Effort to abolish Catholic schools in Alberta

Church of Scotland faces threat of split in row over “gay ministers”

W. Bradford Wilcox: Why the ring matters

How declining fertility keeps women from high-power jobs

Strapped cities hit nonprofits, churches with fees

NRO: The future of an illusion – “Same-sex marriage is the ‘civil-rights movement’ that can’t survive speaking the truth.”

Fr. Frank Pavone: No easy decision, indeed — MTV

Atheists protest Polk sheriff’s donation of county equipment to churches

So you think you’re middle class? Fewer Americans reach hallmarks

    New York Times: “It was only after many of these social innovations had been put into place that the great majority of American households were able to achieve the three hallmarks of a secure middle class life: (1) the ability to earn a living through stable, steady and productive work; (2) the ability to form stable marriages as the basis of child-rearing and family life; and (3) the ability to save and to build assets for future goals and for giving to others. Today, far fewer American households are able to achieve even one, much less all three, of these hallmarks.”

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Gunmen target Christian homes in Baghdad, 2 killed

Macedonian religious leaders seek constitutional block to same-sex “marriage”

Iowa GOP ready to push hard on social issues in 2011

Gallup: Belief that religion is losing its influence on American life hit 50-year peak after inauguration of Obama

    CNSNews: “In polling done Dec. 14-16, 2001 (the first Gallup survey on the question after the 9/11 attacks), 71 percent of Americans said they thought religion was increasing its influence on American life, and 24 percent said they thought religion was losing its influence on American life. (Two percent said they thought the influence of religion was staying the ‘same’ and 3 percent said they had no opinion.)”

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Planned Parenthood launches “social change initiative” to educate children about sex, homosexuality, and masturbation

DADT repeal could foreshadow GOP generational split

    Erin McPike writing at RealClearPolitics: “Of the eight Republican senators who voted for repeal, five are among the youngest in the upper chamber – and they’re not all moderates . . . LaSalvia said that younger generations of Republicans are becoming increasingly familiar with issues affecting homosexual Americans. Older generations, he noted, generally don’t have the same experience of having as many contemporaries who are openly gay.”

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ADF Alliance Alert Publication Schedule

Faith healing: Woman charged in 9-year-old son’s death

Log Cabin Republicans preparing for major push in New York

CMDR Scott Whitefield USN (ret.): The disaster that is the repeal of DADT

    CMDR Scott Whitfield, USN (ret.) writing at Catholic Phoenix: “More pragmatically and rather problematically, the repeal concerns the role of military chaplains. What is to become of Catholic chaplains, who minister to servicemen and -women everyday, as well as preach each Sunday on the evils of immoral behavior, including the intrinsic evil that is homosexual behavior? Military chaplains have been imbedded with US forces since the American Revolution. Task forces of Navy ships have chaplains embarked. Each of the service academies have several chaplains assigned to them. Every military facility of appropriate size has a base or post chapel. With the repeal of DADT, will the government now assert control of the content of homilies and sermons to prevent references to homosexuality?”

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China shuts over 60,000 porn websites this year

10 al-Qaida suspects detained in Turkey

US teen birth rate still far higher than W. Europe

“Gay rights activists’ outlook somber as euphoria over DADT repeal subsides”

TX: Abortion procedures to include mandatory sonogram

Is the Jewish church-state focus fading?

Muslim family sues Ill. forest preserve for discrimination

TX: “Prayer controversy distracts Bulverde City Council”

Pro-life leaders want Congress to overturn death panel regs

Traditional Marriage’s Enduring Virtues

    However, despite the insistence by the educated elite that the traditional definition is bigoted and unreasonable, it is clear today more than ever that it is rationally superior to the modern conception.

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Elizabeth Marquardt: The spirituality of children of divorce

No move to amend Pakistan blasphemy law, says minister

Indonesia in 2010: Wave of religious intolerance intensifies

Pittsburgh loses appeal of strip club approval

Daniel Pipes: Remaking Islam

    WORLD: “You’ve written that radical Islam is the problem and that “modern Islam” is the solution. What is modern Islam? Modern Islam is an anti-Islamist Islam. I’m told that modern Islam is like the unicorn, much discussed but never seen—but its supporters do exist. You see Muslims all over arguing against Islamism, but they’re not a movement and they’re not coherent or organized with a follower and money. It needs deep thinkers—interpreters of the Quran and other sacred scriptures—along with activists and politicians.”

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White House: Obama announces recess appointments to key posts

“California Chief Justice Ronald George leaves historic legacy”

    Los Angeles Times: “Faced with the self-assigned task of writing the California Supreme Court’s first ruling on gay marriage, Chief Justice Ronald M. George drafted an opinion in early 2008 with two different endings. One gave same-sex couples the right to marry. The other didn’t. Then he asked the six associate justices for reaction. George soon learned that his colleagues were split 3 to 3. His vote would decide the most burning civil rights question of the day.”

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Gordon Fox, “first openly gay RI House speaker”

Bill Kristol: Don’t fret, don’t whine over DADT repeal

Will LGBT progressives work with Log Cabin Republicans in 2011?

Restaurant’s Christmas promotion leads to police investigation in Maldives

AALS Law and Religion section publishes 2010 bibliography

Scott Brown draws ire on the right

Michael Barone: A truce in culture wars as voters focus on economy

$5 gas predicted under Obama; what, no pitchforks?

State to certify Murkowski as Alaska Senate winner

Status of Democrats for Life questioned after pro-life criticism

Euro turns to problem for Eastern Europe

China’s online population hits 450 million

Only 12 House Dems in conservative districts survived reelection

Obama uses recess appointment to seat Justice Dept. official

WSJ: www.internet.gov

    Wall Street Journal: “The FCC’s brazen power grab is already producing a welcome backlash on Capitol Hill. GOP Representative Marsha Blackburn says she’ll introduce legislation to prohibit the FCC from enforcing net neutrality rules. And Senate Commerce Committee Ranking Member Kay Bailey Hutchison plans to introduce a ‘resolution of disapproval’ under the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to overturn regulatory agency orders with a simple majority in the House and Senate.”

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Daniel Henninger: Popes, atheists and freedom

President and family on multi-million dollar Christmas vacation in Hawaii

Obama bypasses Senate, appoints envoy to Syria

New York pregnancy centers still battle anti-free speech law

FFRF calls for halt to Army “spiritual fitness” survey

Why is the IRS letting tax-exempt churches play politics?

China to go after Internet phone services

Marriage: Real Bodily Union