Breitbart to join GOProud’s advisory council

House repeals healthcare law, 245-189

Saudi Arabia now forcing news bloggers to obtain licenses, promote Islam

The power of Al Jazeera

Australia: Euthanasia Bill “will not pass”

Israel: Knesset rejects euthanasia proposal

Iowa: Abortion-restriction measure draws challenge

Netherlands: Catholic school keeps headscarves ban

AL: Gov. Bentley apologizes for “Christian Brother” comments

MD: Middle school basketball player sidelined for wearing religious headscarf

Idaho marriage license fee hike proposed

HRC: “New opportunity to pass civil unions in Hawaii”

New Jersey: 23 new charter schools receive thumbs up

CPAC beset by accusations of “pro-gay” takeover, Muslim agenda

The abortion debate heats up: ReligionLink’s resources and experts

    ReligionLink: “The Republican tsunami that carried the GOP to control of the House (and led to the defeat of at least half of the 40 or so pro-life Democrats in Congress) also swept through the nation’s statehouses. As a result, abortion opponents also hold out hope that state legislatures will continue to pass laws restricting abortion or will adopt measures like mandated ultrasounds for women contemplating an abortion. This edition of ReligionLink provides resources to help reporters navigate the volatile issues at stake.”

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WA: Thousands rally in Olympia against abortion

WI: Officials slow down Sheboygan’s charter school program

Hawaii in danger of losing “Choose Life” license plates

NYT: “Parenting by gays more common in the South, census shows”

South Sudan votes to secede: preliminary results

Union head: More spending, not cuts to spur growth

Senator Bill Nelson to seek re-election

Ranking of state charter school laws

New report finds Californians want more marriage support from the faith community

Thomas More Law Center: AIG ruling means sharia has gained foothold in US

James Poulos: Tradition in the age of equality

    James Poulos writing at Cato Unbound: “To understand the fate and future of traditions, we need an alternative to the secularization thesis—and a different conceptual point of departure than ‘modernity’ . . . [Tocqueville and Nietzsche] recognized that, in a democratic age, Biblical morality would be opposed only insofar as it retained its noble aspect—its commanding system of yeses and nos that authoritatively establish a moral hierarchy. But both thinkers also knew that Biblical morality contained the most profoundly equalizing moral code that had ever been seen on earth—inspiration for a humanistic democratic ethic that sees all persons as equally unique, autonomous, and valuable . . . Traditions cannot be thought of except in relation to institutions. As far as our current struggle is concerned, what is true of marriage is true of any cultural institution that carries traditions that reach back behind the democratic age for at least some of their foundations. Unable to provide their own foundations, traditions in a democratic age are likely to fall back upon the authority of the state—the only institution that can officialize the openness of traditions to all.”

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African Islam push into sub-Saharan region = volatile environment

Urgent prayer needed today to end the killing of 37+ million girls in China

Canada: Halton Catholic board overturns ban on “gay-straight clubs”

Jill Stanek: NYC’s bill targeting pregnancy centers

    Jill Stanek writing at WorldNetDaily: “Bill No. 371, which mimics ordinances passed in Baltimore and Austin, would force PCCs in New York City to post signage that they do not commit abortions or distribute contraceptives. It would also force them to notify clients if there were no doctor in the house . . . [a report from] two weeks ago from the New York City Department of Health [showed] that a staggering 41 percent of all pregnancies in NYC ended in abortion in 2009. The rate for black women was even worse – 60 percent. For Bill No. 371, the timing of this report could not have been worse.”

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Iowa Senate OKs plan to say Pledge of Allegiance each day

Kansas House GOP launching late-term abortion debate

KY Courier-Journal: General Assembly should resist efforts to restrict “portable abortion rights”

Obama must address human rights, forced abortions, with Chinese President

ACLU: “Ceremony finalizes adoption process for family that challenged Florida’s ban on gay people adopting”

France’s Constitutional Council examining same-sex “marriage” case

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, faith and the “gestational carrier”

Florida’s lawsuit over health care law swells to 26 states

Bill Gates proposes universal “birth registry” to help control population

5th Circuit upholds use of race in Texas admissions

6th Circuit reinstates civil suit against lawyer who “morphed” stock photos into child pornography

FRC urges 1st Circuit to uphold DOMA

MO: ACLU files court challenge to St. Charles funeral protest ban

Men have upper hand in sexual economy

    CNN Health / The Chart: “Researchers found that since women in the 18- to 23-year-old group feel they don’t need men for financial dependence, many of them feel they can play around with multiple partners without consequence, and that the early 20s isn’t the time to have a serious relationship. But eventually, they do come to want a real, lasting relationship. The problem is that there will still be women who will have sex readily without commitment, and since men know this, fewer of them are willing to go steady . . . ”

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Illinois restores moment of silence at schools

Dolan outlines U.S. Bishops’ legislative priorities for new Congress

Canada: Bloc proposes ban on ceremonial daggers in Parliament

Mississippi: Desoto Santa, religious display ban draws fire

Strasbourg City Council unanimously approves two new mosques

Abortion practitioner killed seven babies with scissors

A false truce in Obama’s war on business

Group says survey confirms Myanmar rights abuses

David Harsanyi: Obama isn’t fooling anyone

    David Harsanyi writing at Townhall: “When Obama was in a place of political comfort, the free market was a place of unhinged self-interest, unfairness and misery. Nearly all of our troubles were portrayed as a case of regulatory neglect — and nearly every dilemma was met accordingly. Nothing’s changed but the political conditions.”

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Public education in Texas faces massive cuts

China’s Internet population rises to 457 million

Court to rule on Medicaid cuts

    SCOTUSblog: “The Supreme Court, in the early stages of setting up the cases it will decide during its next Term, agreed on Tuesday to decide whether patients receiving Medicaid benefits, and the providers who serve their health care needs, have a right under the Constitution to challenge a state’s reduction of benefit payments. The Court granted three separate petitions by California officials, but consolidated them for argument and decision together. This was the only newly granted case.”

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Sens. Lieberman, Conrad will bow out

Tucson video shows judge saving other victim

Pa. abortion doc charged with 8 counts of murder

Supreme Court rejects appeal by D.C. marriage equality opponents

Univ. of Kentucky settles lawsuit from astronomer

5th Circuit hears “gay” dads’ La. birth certificate case

Civil unions bill is not a civil rights issue; shouldn’t ride on MLK coattails

UK: A stranger in my own land

Pat Toomey: How to freeze the debt ceiling without risking default

We’re all bigots now: Peter Robinson, John Yoo, and Richard Epstein discuss Prop. 8 decision

Virginity, polyamory and the limits of pluralism

Commercial surrogacy, including overseas, to be prosecuted in NSW, Australia

China logs double-digit growth in 2010

Video: Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial rally

Heather Hacker: Just another “extremist”: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Jordan Lorence: Humor at the Supreme Court

“DC’s Eleanor Holmes Norton chastises gay marriage foes who ask for Congress to interfere”

Gibbs defends DoJ appeal of DOMA case

Supreme Court rejects appeal to allow DC residents right to vote on marriage