Massachusetts Catholics fight to reinstate Defense of Marriage Act

Undercover ‘Sex Work’ Videos Fuel Congressional Campaign Against Planned Parenthood

Missouri sexually oriented business owners to appeal decision on new restrictions

Abortion Provider Understated Abortion Numbers by Thousands, Delaware highest rate in nation

Virginia House passes prayer amendment

    ABP: The amendment, adopted 61-33 in the Republican-dominated House, says that “the people’s right to pray and to recognize their religious beliefs, heritage and traditions on public property, including public schools, shall not be infringed; however, the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions, including public school divisions, shall not compose school prayers, nor require any person to join in prayer or other religious activity.”

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Chinese Christians aim to evangelize Muslim world

Arkansas House Cmte Kills Bill Removing Obamacare Abortion Funding

New chief justice says California Supreme Court will decide soon on entering Proposition 8 fray

State Health Department to Probe Abortion Center in Video

Male prostitute killed Uganda gay activist: police

House Republicans Drop “Forcible Rape” Language from Bill on Abortion

Obama Admin. In Contempt Over Gulf Drilling Moratorium, Judge Rules

Mexico kidnaps apparently leave 25 kids on streets near border

House Republicans move to slash domestic programs, White House vows fight

Pastor booted from Christian TV station after homosexuality remarks

CA: Compton parents sue on school reform

Portugal re-elects pro-abortion and pro-gay ‘marriage’ president

Kansas Landlord Sues to Stop New Abortion Practitioner

Gaming the System: At the Supreme Court, could legal precedent be less important than popular opinion?

Obama’s D.C. Circuit Pick Meets Skeptical Republicans

Catholic League: Christian and Sikh Students’ Rights

LAUSD says boy can use religious song at show

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas visiting Ave Maria University

Talkback for Feb. 3

    Aiken Standard: For those that say there is no separation of church and state and that it’s not in the Constitution, then you’re in for a big surprise. The senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal group, has been quoted as saying, “It makes no sense to tax churches and to limit their ability to provide their services, and it does damage to the constitutional separation between church and state.” | See Erik Stanley response

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YouTube May Censor Planned Parenthood Sex Trafficking Expose’

Sweden: Social services snatch 2 girls from music class: ‘Psychological’ issues claimed while mother levels child trafficking accusation

Slavery is returning to the United States

Chaplains predicted to resist ‘gay’-ban repeal: Opponents demanding hearings from House Republicans

    Brian Fitzpatrick writes at WorldNetDaily: Though they may be involved in implementing DADT repeal training, and their ministries will be directly affected, the chaplains still have no idea what the training will consist of, said Alliance Defense Fund attorney Daniel Blomberg. ADF, a defender of civil and religious liberties, represents both military chaplains and endorsers. “I have not heard anything regarding specifics,” said Blomberg. “A pastor would be free to preach his beliefs about homosexuality, according to the Pentagon, but you don’t know what a chaplain can do in a counseling situation or an ethical situation. Could a chaplain refuse to allow a married homosexual couple to participate in counseling for married couples, or refuse to hire a homosexual to be a children’s church teacher? None of these issues are being answered, and that’s a real problem.”

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Chatsworth Kid Told His Talent Show Number too Full of Jesus

Censorship lifted: Fifth-grader will be allowed to perform song mentioning Jesus at LA-area school

OK: Pro-lifers defend ultrasound provision

PA: Ellwood City Nativity gains support from Christian group

ObamaCare and the Bench – Why Federal Judges Matter More Now than Ever

Unions to Taxpayers: “Where’s the Cash”

    Kyle Olson writes at Townhall: “One of the most disturbing results of an adult-focused public education system is the constant focus on money. There is an insatiable thirst on the part of Big Labor to constantly increase spending on public education, because the teachers’ unions are mostly concerned with their pensions, paychecks and the union coffers.”

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Pakistani Court Imposes Death Sentence For Blasphemy Against Companions of the Prophet Muhammad

Kyrgyzstan: Prayer Row Pits Civil Society against Parliament

Second Video Shows Planned Parenthood-Sex Trafficking Coverup

Culhane: Will we see more straight civil unions?

    Law Professor John Culhane writes at “The list of states willing to grant same-sex couples the full benefits of marriage grew by one on Monday, when Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed that state’s civil union law. The law looks quite similar to measures enacted in several other states, except for this one, crucial difference: Opposite-sex couples are also permitted to enter into civil unions . . . ”

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Census estimates show big gains for US minorities

    AP: “U.S. racial minorities accounted for roughly 85 percent of the nation’s population growth over the last decade – one of the largest shares ever – with Hispanics accounting for much of the gain in many of the states picking up new House seats.”

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States of Resistance: Governors are fleeing ObamaCare after the Florida ruling

Pakistani judge orders American held 8 more days

Some 43 Million Use Food Stamps

Muslim Brotherhood wants end to Egypt-Israeli peace deal

Israel says Obama is a naif who doesn’t know what he is doing to the Middle East

Senate rejects Obamacare repeal by 4 votes along party lines