Abortion battle heats up in Congress

WI: Marshfield faces lawsuit over City Council prayer

Video: British PM “Multiculturalism Has Failed”

‘Europe’s human rights court is out of control… we must pull out’: Call by top British judge after ruling that prisoners should get the vote

New German anti-Muslim party calls Islam ‘totalitarian’

British PM reignites multiculturalism debate

Christians Accused of ‘Insulting Turkey’ Appeal Ruling

“Five myths about the European court of human rights”

Texas considers law requiring women to see fetus, listen to heartbeat before abortion

GA: Should non students be able to join school clubs, teams?

As world population heads toward a peak, Malthusian worries reemerge

RI House panel will discuss marriage bill

How should the church approach cohabiting couples? Two perspectives

School voucher debate heats up in Pa. Legislature

Dem senators promise to block House abortion legislation

Md. Senate to talk marriage on Tuesday

    Washington Blade: “Maryland’s same-sex marriage bill gets its first hearing in the Senate on Tuesday, Feb. 8 beginning at 1 p.m. in Annapolis. Those interested in testifying have until 12:45 p.m. that day to register, but a Senate spokesperson today warned that large crowds are expected so anyone planning to attend should arrive early.”

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Air Force Academy officers defend prayer luncheon

Boston: Rise of the charter schools

Questions on the Bush conscience regs

Georgeen Rice Interview with Maggie Gallagher: Update on same sex marriage legal battles across the nation

Louisville, KY: Ordinance not kind to sexually-oriented businesses

Islamic flood coming to U.S.?

GOP pushes for marriage amendment in Indiana

Key to Happy Marriage: Mom Cooks, Dad Plays?

    Paula Szuchman writes at the Wall Street Journal: “. . . from Ohio State University. The research, published in the January issue of Developmental Psychology, found that couples where the father participates equally in traditional caregiving tasks, like  preparing meals or giving baths (!!), tend to clash more than couples where the mother does a bigger share. Specifically, couples that strive for more equal co-parenting end up displaying “less supportive and more undermining co-parenting behavior toward each other,” the researchers found. But when the father spent more time playing with the kid, while the mom did more of the nuts-and-bolts caregiving, the couples had a “stronger, more supportive co-parenting relationship.”

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The long, unhappy history of polygamy in China

ACLU and Lambda Legal: Public should pay for prison “transgender” treatment

Memo: CDC Had Abortion Report in November, Coverup Alleged

UK: Christian health worker accused over ‘gay’ patient

Catholic Health Association Gets Kickback for Obamacare OK

Police Officer Disciplined for Defending Christian Group’s Rights

    The New American: Randall Wenger, an attorney who is representing the case with the ADF, noted that Officer Armbruster “understood that police officers are called on to acknowledge and respect” the constitutional guarantees of American citizens, “including Christian pro-life advocates, who have the same First Amendment-protected rights to express their beliefs as everyone else. He should be commended for holding to his duty as a civil servant to protect — not violate — the free speech rights of the group he was told to arrest.” Tom Marcelle, senior counsel for the ADF, predicted a favorable decision from the Third Circuit Court within 60 days. “Placing an officer on unpaid leave, putting a disciplinary letter in his file jeopardizing his promotion to sergeant, and threatening him with termination is the wrong response to upholding his oath as a law enforcement official to obey the Constitution,” said Marcelle. “This case should never have been dismissed, and we’re optimistic that the 3rd Circuit will agree.”

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Rasmussen: More Voters Still Think Federal Government Encourages Illegal Immigration

Atheists lament the effectiveness of the Center for Arizona Policy

KY: Money troubles close Mayfield mosque, ACLU says

Mitch Daniels: An ObamaCare Appeal From the States

Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Support Grieving Parents

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas talks about ‘life’s calling’ during impromptu visit to Ave Maria University

Akhil Reed Amar: “Constitutional showdown: A Florida judge distorted the law in striking down healthcare reform.”

HI: Nominee to Supreme Court easily wins Senate panel’s OK

Doing the Judicial Math on Health Care

    “There have been four rulings on the constitutionality of the Obama health care law. All four considered the same legislative provisions, constitutional clauses and court precedents. Yet the two decisions from judges appointed by Democratic presidents upheld the law, while the two from judges appointed by Republicans, including a ruling on Monday, struck down part or all of it.”

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Questions surround judicial nomination of Arvo Mikkanen for Tulsa

    Tulsa World: “The White House enlisted surrogates to validate its pick to fill a vacant judicial slot in Tulsa, but it remained unclear whether that would be enough to rescue one of the few American Indians selected for the federal bench in U.S. history. Questions still surround a process that triggered immediate opposition to the nomination of Arvo Mikkanen, an assistant U.S. attorney in Oklahoma City.”

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GOP-led House is moving to restrict funding of abortions

Des Moines Register editorial: “Stand firm on civil rights, Iowa”

MA: Patrick’s choices may change little on SJC

WI: Badger Catholic case may go to U.S. Supreme Court

Republicans out front of Obama on regulations

Dutch lawmaker back in court for comparing Islam to facism

FL: School Board Changes Prayer Policy– Uses Disclaimer

Obama Names New Members of Faith Based Advisory Council

Adventists Protest Scheduled Saturday Elections In Nigeria

Indonesian Mob Kills At Least 3 Ahmadiyas In Bid To Stop Their Worship

The States Can’t Afford ObamaCare: Their budgets will be crushed by the Medicaid expansions that the feds are forcing on them

    George Melloan writes at the Wall Street Journal: “Behind this week’s ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Roger Vinson overturning ObamaCare on constitutional grounds, there is a deeper economic reality. The states can’t afford it. That’s a primary reason why 26 states joined in the Florida lawsuit to nullify the federal law. It also would be a good reason for the Supreme Court to uphold Judge Vinson’s ruling.”

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Minnesota City Halts Church Expansion Plan

Soros’ Strategy Call Helps Planned Parenthood on Videos

Legal issues abound over city’s prayer policy proposal

    Spencer Hatton writes at the Yakima Herald: The Alliance Defense Fund, a group of lawyers who seek to protect the freedom of religious expression, has also pledged to defend the city against any legal challenge to its continued practice of offering a prayer before each meeting. “We must continue the fight for religious freedom and the right of conscience so that the life-changing message of Jesus Christ can be proclaimed and transform our culture,” reads a plea for donations from the Alliance Defense Fund’s website. “Each win for the Body of Christ is a loss for the opposition. It’s that black and white. Will you help us win?” Council members expressed relief that the Alliance Defense Fund is willing to foot the city’s legal bills.

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How the U.N. Encourages Religious Murder

Muslims Attack Two Christian Families in Egypt, 11 Killed

Girl with girl cheating OK, half of boyfriends say

Egypt’s apolitical frustration: Marriage

“Nobody Gets Married Any More, Mister” Welcome to our urban high schools, where kids have kids and learning dies.

    City Journal: “Here’s my prediction: the money, the reforms, the gleaming porcelain, the hopeful rhetoric about saving our children—all of it will have a limited impact, at best, on most city schoolchildren. Urban teachers face an intractable problem, one that we cannot spend or even teach our way out of: teen pregnancy. This year, all of my favorite girls are pregnant, four in all, future unwed mothers every one. There will be no innovation in this quarter, no race to the top. Personal moral accountability is the electrified rail that no politician wants to touch.”

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Now comes hard part for Boehner as run of GOP unity nears end