Pa. man ordered to take down 24-foot cross in yard

TN: Former Jefferson County teachers can press church, state claim

ADF lawsuit against Ga. county just latest in long line of zoning abuses against churches

More child porn cases, less law enforcement

Bill to Yank Abortion Funding From Obamacare Wins Approval

Obama promises veto of GOP spending bill

Quebec: Crucifix stays in Assembly

Judges Rule Case Against Dutch Anti-Islam MP To Continue

Euro judges ‘will not have final say’ on prisoner vote, vows Attorney General (as he hints of withdrawal from European court)

Survey: Many Americans Favor Christian-Influenced Businesses

Georgia: Lawmaker Pushes Abortion Restrictions

MT: Republicans put more social issues on the Legislature’s plate

WY: Lawmakers seek to intervene in same-sex divorce

ACLU joins Yale Law to launch “Don’t Filter Me” Initiative to stop schools from filtering homosexual web sites

NM: Dozens March In Support Of Traditional Marriage

Britain must recover its Judeo-Christian discourse, says Nazir-Ali

Trump comes out against “gay marriage”

WY: House Bill 225 keeps say over charter schools with districts

WI: Church Trial Set for Lesbian Methodist Minister

Federal Report Confirms ‘Nuclear Family’ Best for Children’s Health

6th Circuit: Pro family groups appeal MI hate crimes ruling

Prayer disclaimer for school board meetings

Mike Huckabee: Abortion Most Important Political Issue

Dems vow Planned Parenthood fight

Nashville mayor says he will sign “anti-gay bias bill” if it passes

Washington bill introduced to reverse DOMA

HI: Civil unions on the brink of approval

Indiana: School voucher bill heard today

Virginia Senate Dems bow to unions, kill school tax credits

Md. senator ‘still praying’ on marriage redefinition

South Dakota legislator defends bill to make killing to defend fetuses a “justifiable homicide”

UK court mulls sterilizing mentally disabled woman

“Can School Dismiss Student for Refusing to Counsel Gays?”

WY: Lawmakers seek to intervene in same-sex divorce

Members of Congress Press Sebelius on Moral Conscience Law

Legislators want role in same-sex divorce case

PA: City ends ’1st Amendment maze’

University motivated to make ‘appropriate’ changes

Sask physician guidelines outline numerous risks of abortion

Ontario: Christians accused of participating in politics, influencing Conservative Party

    LifeSiteNews: Rising in the House of Commons Thursday, Bloc MP Pierre Paquette (Joliette) questioned the Conservative government over the fact that some of its Christian MPs have met and worked with Christian groups – “the fringe of the Conservative Party,” in Paquette’s words. “Is it not worrisome to see all these fundamentalist groups circling around the Conservative government, trying to change legislation to impose their religious values?” he asked.

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Population control advocate says Duggar family ‘would make rabbits blush’

WI: 10% turnout expected for Tuesday primary; Supreme Court race is only statewide contest

Bid to expand Arizona’s high court dies in committee

AU: “Louisiana Student Girds For Battle On Behalf Of Sound Science”

Michigan Bill Would Increase Penalties For Disturbing Religious Services

Phyllis Schlafly: Free Trade With Protectionist China Cheats America

Georgia Senate may block Sunday alcohol bill again

Orthodox church sues over temple destroyed on 9/11

    AP: “The Greek Orthodox church sued the public agency that owned the World Trade Center on Monday, saying the agency reneged on a deal to rebuild a church that was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks.”

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Failed Abortion Injures Woman at Missouri Planned Parenthood

Pence, Planned Parenthood Duel Over Abortion Biz De-Funding Bill

Will the Obama Administration Re-Interpret Federal Law Re: Religious Discrimination When Awarding Federal Grants?

    The Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) is currently debating whether to re-interpret federal law so as to allow discrimination, when awarding federal grants, against faith-based organizations who engage in such religious hiring preferences. The outcome of this debate will affect the ability of faith-based providers who engage in religious hiring preferences to compete with secular and other faith-based organizations for federal social service grants.

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Rep. King pushes to defund mandatory spending in health law

    The Hill: “House Republicans refused to grant a waiver for the consideration of an amendment to the 2011 funding bill that would bar mandatory spending for the president’s healthcare law. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a member of the Tea Party caucus, asked the panel to protect his measure, which keep $105 billion of funds allocated in the law over 10 years from going into effect.”

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‘America’s toughest sheriff’ considering Arizona Senate run

Pat Buchanan: Will Multiculturalism End Europe?

5,100 More IRS Agents: The White House plan to close the mythical “tax gap.”

    Wall Street Journal (via Google): “President Obama’s fiscal 2012 budget doesn’t cut much of anything (see above), and certainly not the Internal Revenue Service. The White House is requesting that the most beloved of all government agencies get an additional 5,100 agents next year, no doubt to wring further tax revenue from Americans.”

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Chances up for federal shutdown