Wis. Senate may order police to bring back Dems

Oregon Constitutional Amendments aim to regulate strip clubs

    Beaverton Valley Times: “A pair of resolutions introduced to the Oregon Legislature would alter the state constitution to allow local governments to more easily regulate where adult entertainment businesses can locate. Oregon’s Constitution includes a strong protection for freedom of expression — stronger than the federal First Amendment protections — language that has been repeatedly interpreted to protect the rights of adult businesses in zoning fights with cities and counties.”

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President of Chile stresses importance of the right to life

Christianity the reason for West’s success, say the Chinese

Chaplains in military fear fallout from repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

Parent Jailed for Denying Kids ‘Sex Ed’ Classes

“First ever openly gay members elected to Irish Parliament”

House Committee Passes Bill to End Tax Funding of Abortions

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s budget plan would undo birth control law

Australia: Marriage only for a man and a woman: Julia Gillard

Planned Parenthood Assaults Senate to Keep Massive Funding

Sen. Gerald Dial introduces Ten Commandments amendment

Florida judge refuses to halt new healthcare law

Girl found safe in California after fleeing family’s arranged marriage plans

“LGBT Groups Remain Strong Despite Decreased Revenue”

Taking Liberties: Taxing Church Attendance?

“Appeals court rules for anti-gay T-shirt”

Justice Department Upholds DOMA in Calif. Lesbian Case

“Federal judge: student can wear anti-gay T-shirt to school”

Naperville school officials disappointed with T-shirt ruling

IUSA changes policy, starts funding religious-based student organizations

Regulation of abortuaries on front burner

“Court rules that high school students can wear anti-gay T-shirts”

AP: “Northwestern Uni defends sex-toy demonstration”

Marines Fast Track DADT Repeal Training

NPR: “Female Troops: Combat Ban Out Of Step With Reality”

Oxford lap dance licensing application denied

George Weigel: Reports of Christianity’s demise greatly exaggerated; number of martyrs increasing exponentially

    The report estimates that there were, on average, 270 new Christian martyrs every twenty-four hours over the past decade, such that “the number of martyrs [in the period 2000-2010] was approximately one million.”

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China aims to settle nationwide trade in yuan by 2011

Why the Dollar’s Reign Is Near an End

GLAD takes a step-by-step approach on “gay marriage”

Agudath Israel Of America Reacts To Obama Administration Reversal On DOMA

Will Senate ever vote on Goodwin Liu?

    Politico: “Liu, 39, has captured the hopes of liberals who see him as one of Obama’s few bold judicial picks, someone with the intellect and youth for the circuit court bench, a traditional stepping stone to the Supreme Court. But Republicans have argued that he lacks any judicial experience, his legal writings are proof of his intention to legislate from the bench, and his criticism of Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito after he was nominated to the court revealed an inexperienced social activist who has no place on a federal bench.”

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Amendments Proposed To Kentucky Anti-Bullying Bill Intended to Protect Religious Freedom

In Turkey, Minority Religious Groups Face Obstacles In Opening Places of Worship

Neb.: Bill to limit abortion coverage advances

Sen. Akaka of Hawaii decides against 2012 run

Nevada family fights for survival in down times

Pakistani Christians protest politician’s killing

Cal. Supreme Court refuses to speed up Prop. 8 review

Police: AZ beheading tied to Mexican drug cartel

    Atlanta J. Constitution: “Authorities have determined a man who was stabbed and beheaded in a suburban Phoenix apartment was killed for stealing drugs from a Mexican cartel, in a gruesome example of drug cartel violence spilling over the border . . . More than 34,000 people have been killed in Mexico in drug-related violence since December 2006 . . . ”

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Obama’s Health Waiver Gambit: The White House offers the mirage of state flexibility.

    Wall Street Journal: “Any state that the Administration decided deserved a waiver would still need to cover the same number of uninsured, and its coverage would still need to include the same comprehensive benefits and be as “affordable” as the Administration says it should be. That is, it must be as heavily subsidized. So perhaps states could opt out of some consumer or employer mandates, which is a minor release valve. But they would still need to find other mechanisms to achieve the same liberal priorities . . . ”

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Rep. King to offer amendment to slash DoJ funding equal to cost of DOMA defense

Sense of Senate on balanced budget amendment falls 2 votes short

NYC OKs bill mandating pregnancy-center disclosure

SD Senate votes to require 72-hr wait for abortion