ACLU sends Nacogdoches ISD letter cautioning against handing out Bibles

MN: Case raises agonizing end-of-life questions

Senate Rejects House Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood

Ted Olson: Children Don’t Need Mothers–or Fathers

Muslims attack Coptic community, a priest and three deacons missing

ACLU will file suit over high school prayer banner in Cranston

Ireland: Major battle brewing over marriage

Human trafficking: UK urged to join EU action

Florida House moves forward with bill that would redirect ‘Choose Life’ funds from pregnant women to Choose Life, Inc.

MN judge dismisses marriage challenge says U.S. Supreme Court has already decided the issue

CT: ACLU Seeks Permanent Injunction Against Holding Graduation in Church

Senate Rejects GOP House Spending Bill

Jordan Lorence: On Marriage, President Obama Can Learn From A Minneapolis Judge

Eight members of the Maryland House of Delegates claim to be “gay” “Including [Peter Murphy (D-Charles County)], there are eight openly gay lawmakers in Annapolis. The other House members are: Del. Maggie L. McIntosh (D-Baltimore City) of Baltimore City, Del. Anne R. Kaiser (D-Montgomery) of Burtonsville, Del. Luke Clippinger (D-Baltimore City) of Baltimore City, Del. Bonnie Cullison (D-Montgomery) of Aspen Hill, Del. Heather R. Mizeur (D-Montgomery) of Silver Spring and Del. Mary Washington (D-Baltimore City) of Baltimore City. Sen. Richard S. Madeleno Jr. (D-Montgomery) of Kensington also is gay.”

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Edmonton, Alberta: School trustees to adopt sexual orientation discrimination policy

White House supports taxpayer money for NPR

Report: Millennials say marriage ideal but parenthood the priority

Catholic Student Group Wins Legal Battle With University of Wisconsin

NC: Bill on charter schools revised

UK: Ruling was right on Christian couple banned from fostering because of beliefs on homosexuality, says PM

Mike Pence: ‘It’s time to pick a fight’

DC: More marriage licenses for same-sex couples than heterosexuals?

Navy Sailor Faces Discharge for Falling Asleep With Another Man

    ABC: A Navy petty officer facing discharge for falling asleep in bed with another male sailor last month says his ouster is motivated by homophobia, not a legitimate crime, a claim that has some gay rights advocates worried about life after “don’t ask don’t tell.”

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CA: Students curious about rules for free speech on campus

Bioethics Prof.: Online Support for Man Ending Life ‘Disturbing’

Conscience bill amendment passes House over objections

Rallies at Indiana capital debate abortion

Bill would limit insurance coverage of abortion in Utah

MD: Immigrant’s Health Crisis Leaves Her Family on Sideline

Matt Bowman: ACLU Has Major Misunderstanding of Abortion Conscience Law

UT Supreme Court seeks input on federal ruling before deciding pending polygamous church cases

Ark. lawmakers OK bill on Bible as elective course

Oklahoma: Bill to require Senate to confirm judges OK’d

Maryland House approves marriage redefinition in preliminary vote

How Do Planned Parenthood & NPR Federal Funding Survive in this Environment?

NY Gov. Cuomo joins “gay activists” for marriage strategy meeting

“America Traditional marriage is dead. Let’s celebrate”

Jail for woman who refused to let her children go to sex education

UK High Court: You can be Christian and still approve of homosexual sex

Ethiopia Charges 130 in Church Burning Incidents

Supreme Court rejects appeal in student fee case

“Girl sues school district over Christmas party invitations”

Young evangelicals high on social issues, but lean toward socialism

    One News Now: Ryan Messmore of The Heritage Foundation tells OneNewsNow, “What we found is that a lot of young evangelicals have a good passion about caring for people in need and we want to say ‘Amen’ to that passion. The problem is that that passion is often directed in bad policy initiatives and approaches.”

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71% Oppose Co-ed Roommates on College Campuses

Christian parents jailed

ABA Journal: 5th-Grader’s Church Christmas Party Fliers at Center of Discrimination Lawsuit

The Progressive Case for Conscience Protection

Republican-backed legislation bans abortion after 20 weeks in Minnesota

Latinos, Asians fuel Calif.’s population growth, whites decline

New U.S. appeal on health care

Idaho bill will take away power of teachers union

Second House panel investigating waivers from Obama health law

DeMint: America ‘on its knees’ because of debt, oil dependence

    The Hill: “Today America is literally on its knees to China and other countries for the credit we need to run our economy,” DeMint said in a floor speech Tuesday afternoon. “We are also on our knees to the Middle East, which is very unstable right now, for the oil we need to run our economy, to even take our food to market, the essentials here at home.”

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GOP calls out Obama, preps second stopgap

Christian-Muslim clashes in Egypt kill 13

Hoyer Says Federal Budget May Not Be Balanced for 20 Years

Maine gets break in federal health care overhaul