Relatives fear for health of Pakistani woman facing blasphemy death sentence

“Canada to assist persecuted gay refugees”

Arizona House approves ban on some abortions

Iranian Christians to stand trial for blasphemy

Oxford ethicist: use IVF to create only smart babies

David Cortman: “Bullying: The Left’s Trojan Horse”

Gary McCaleb: What? Could The Magna Carta Be “Homophobic”?

Answer to Family Breakdown is “Social Fatherhood,” UN Says

Bill to regulate non-surgical abortions to AR House; would affect 2 Planned Parenthood clinics

UN rights body ditches religious ‘defamation’ idea

“Ohio’s Governor Moves Against Unions”

Turkey seizes draft copies of journalist’s book

Muslim immigration official in Sweden denies access to Christians from the middle east

Canada: Homosexuals protest at home of Christian florist

MT: Helena health fair bars Planned Parenthood’s participation

Iowa House panel OKs abortion ban after 20 weeks

African leaders urged to reject homosexuality -Rev. Broni

Alaska nominee says sex outside of marriage should be illegal

New York’s U.S. Senators Push for Same-Sex “Marriage”

Colo. Senate passes civil unions bill 23-12

What does dignity mean in a legal context?

Claims That Bibles Were Distributed to Alabama Elementary Students Are Inaccurate, School Superintendent Says

Bachmann praises ouster of Iowa judges in gay marriage ruling

Home schoolers looking to grow political power in Iowa

What went wrong with Gardasil sales?

High-profile pastor: ‘Ungodly’ same-sex marriage against ‘natural law’

Seattle: Pro-lifers crash Planned Parenthood rally with photos of aborted babies

US Bishop: How long will pro-abort politicians be able to receive Communion?

Obama Embraces ‘Transnational’ Law: The Senate never approved Protocol 1 of the Geneva Convention.

Decision Against Resuming Same-Sex Weddings Emboldens Prop. 8 Backers But Fails to Deter Foes

“California gay marriage ban stands during appeal”

“Court: No Gay Marriages during Prop. 8 Appeal”

European Court Affirms Crucifixes May be Displayed in Public Schools

    C-FAM: The final decision can be summarized by the concurring opinion of Judge Giovanni Bonello who wrote, “The Convention has given this Court the remit to enforce freedom of religion and of conscience, but has not empowered it to bully States into secularism or to coerce countries into schemes of religious neutrality.” “It is for each individual State to choose whether to be secular or not, and whether, and to what extent, to separate Church and governance.” . . . A loss in this case would have meant, in essence, that it would be illegal under the European Convention on Human Rights to have religious symbols in any state institution anywhere in Europe,” said Roger Kiska, Legal Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund that represented 33 Members of the European Parliament in the case. “That would have set a dangerous example for the rest of the world.”

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ADF wins one for freedom of speech, religion

Bachmann to form exploratory committee in June, possibly earlier

Wisconsin’s Battle Supreme: Liberals in the state are trying to make the April election for a state supreme court justice a referendum on Governor Walker.

A Surprising Supreme Court Snapshot

Iowa: New justices will campaign when facing retention vote

Justices Grapple With Issue of Right to Lawyers in Child Support Cases

    NY Times: “Members of the Supreme Court appeared frustrated Wednesday during an argument about whether poor people facing jail time for failing to pay child support are entitled to court-appointed lawyers. It seemed that there were procedural and practical problems with almost every potential ruling.”

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Australia: Religious teaching in govt schools challenged

Florida lawmakers file glut of abortion bills

Catholic League: “Catholic Views on Gay Marriage”

    Catholic League: Indeed, as a practicing Catholic, I never once heard a homily on homosexuality; even passing references have been few. A recent ABC News and Washington Post poll disclosed that, for the first time, the majority of Americans favor homosexual marriage (53 percent). It should be kept in mind, however, that public opinion polls are not an accurate barometer of serious public sentiment: there have been more than 30 state initiatives on this subject, and never once have voters elected to support same-sex marriage.

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High-Profile Conservative Group Files Lawsuit Against Obama Administration Over Health Care Waivers

Heritage Foundation: Detroit’s Liberal Nightmare

Cal. “Lawmakers May Force Schools to Spend Scarce Funds on Gay-Friendly Instruction”

Book: “Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation’s Top Advocates.”

    SCOTUS Blog interviews the author, Ross Guberman: “There are a lot of books about legal writing out there; what separates this one from the others? The book focuses on what goes right, not what goes wrong. It crystallizes 50 concrete writing techniques through hundreds of bite-sized, timely, and diverse examples from recent high-profile cases and appeals. It ferrets out how the most in-demand advocates write differently from other lawyers. Finally, it’s styled as a trade book, so it’s written as a one-on-one conversation with what I hope is a personal touch.”

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Forced Into Medicare: A federal judge tells seniors to take it or lose Social Security.

Arkansas Supreme Court reconsiders adoption ban

US Finances Rank Near Worst in the World: Study