Shutting Down Abortion Clinics: Chicago Tribute to Father of Pro-Life Activism – Joe Scheidler

Muslims Attack Christian in Egypt, Cut Off His Ear

Christian in Bangladesh goes to prison for evangelism

Closing arguments begin in B.C. polygamy case

UK: Fury at equality watchdog after it calls for teachers to ask 11-year-olds if they are gay

Pro-life march in Spain draws over 150,000 participants

ADF encourages governors to ignore activist groups, observe 2011 National Day of Prayer

Video: Pro-Homosexuals at Brown University Get Violent with Traditional Marriage Group

EU to ban cars from cities by 2050

Iranian Video Says Mahdi is ‘Near’

Canada: “More victims if polygamy decriminalized: lawyer”

“US Immigration Judge Suspends Deportation of Gay Spouse”

School Districts Could Sue State of Texas

Team Identifies Genetic Link to Attempted Suicide

House Democrats returning to Indiana

    Chicago Tribune: The Democrats have been caucusing in Illinois for more than a month. Their absence has prevented a quorum in the House, which prohibits work on legislation. The Democrats originally left in protest of a bill that would have made Indiana a “Right to Work” state. Their absence killed that bill. They continued to stay out-of-state in protest of other bills up for consideration this session. Many of those bills the Democrats considered “anti-worker” legislation.

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Judicial Nominees Disclose 7 Figure Net Worths

ACLU Demands That Schools Stop Filtering LGBT Web Content

Brazilian pastor condemned to prison for spanking children, loses mind

Canadian election call killed pro-homosexual bills

US Bishops: Drop non-discrimination protections for ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’

Abortion facility tries to stop pro-life video with real abortion footage

“Illinois gay civil unions threatens to force Catholic Charities out of adoptions”

Federal Court Refuses To Dismiss Challenge To Zoning Denial For Bible Camp

Bills to remove sodomy ban faces uphill battle in the Texas legislature

Washington Post: “Nominee for Federal Circuit deserves a hearing”

Boston Globe says “gay marriage no longer divisive political issue”: Article comments say otherwise

A Girl’s Nude Photo, and Altered Lives

States Struggle With Minors’ Sexting

OH House Bill 125: Abortion limitation creating cold feet

Philippines: Reproductive Health-Abortion Bill Fails to Pass

Virginia Gov. McDonnell Signs Bill, Cracks Down on Abortion Centers

Pro-Abortion Republican Murkowski Fights to Fund Planned Parenthood

Senate Committee Hearing on Pro-Abortion Goodwin Liu This Week

Teachers Barred From Talking to Parents Without Permission in NYC

Former FRC Adjunct Fellow Publishes Major Study on Abortion in Top State Politics Journal

Argument recap: Kennedy shows his hand in Arizona election funding case

Group fights for doctor’s rights, conscience

Religious material a no-no on school playgrounds

Donald Trump: I’ve got my birth certificate, where President Barack Obama’s?

Court Rules On Discovery Motions In Clergy Sex Abuse Case

Supreme Court Grants Review In “Ministerial Exception” Case

Dale Schowengerdt on the Roland Lettner Show: Federal DOMA under attack

Kingsborough faces lawsuit by Republican Club

Germany Jails Christian Parents Over Sex Education Row

“Wisconsin Gov. Walker fires lawyer defending gay rights”

“Scott Walker Takes Aim At Gays”

Germany Jails Christian Parents Over Sex Education Row

Weingarten for the Union Defense

    Jason L. Riley writes at the Wall Street Journal: But the real strength of the AFT, NEA and their state and local affiliates lies in their ability to obstruct. They have been particularly effective at blocking poor people from leaving bad public schools. They offer financial and logistical support to political candidates sympathetic to their agenda of curbing educational options, and they punish elected officials who don’t stay the course. Teachers unions agitate for laws and regulations that ban means-tested voucher programs or cap the number of charter schools that can open in a state. To protect jobs for their members, they fight to keep the worst instructors from being fired and the worst schools from closing. All the while, they insist that their interests are aligned with those of the kids.

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Emails: Insiders worried over political ‘meddling’

    AP: “Insiders at the Homeland Security Department warned for months that senior Obama administration appointees were improperly delaying the releases of government files on politically sensitive topics as sought by citizens, journalists and watchdog groups under the Freedom of Information Act, according to uncensored emails newly obtained by The Associated Press.”

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Heritage Foundation: What Would Democrats Cut?

    Heritage Foundation Morning Bell: The threat of a government shutdown would not exist had the Democratically controlled 111th Congress passed a budget for this fiscal year. In fact, not only did they fail to pass a budget, but for the for the first time in the history of the budget-making process, last year’s Congress failed to even vote on a budget. And now, even as the consequences of their failure are just days a way, the Democrats have still failed to agree on a plan that cuts spending.

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PFOX: Apple Computer Co. Discriminating Against Ex-Gays

Centrist senators don’t want to talk about Planned Parenthood

Marriage and Procreation: The Intrinsic Connection

Argument preview: Politics and public money