Heather Gebelin Hacker: Putting the “marketplace of ideas” into action

Jordan Lorence: Indiana Senate Approves Marriage Amendment

AL: Group claims school displays are unconstitutional

‘Isaiah 58 Project’ sues La Paz County

“Rep. Barney Frank to introduce gay employment non-discrimination bill this week”

Wall Street Firms To Hold Inaugural LGBT Summit

    Business Wire: On Wednesday, March 30, six of Wall Street’s major banks—Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Citi, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley—will join together at Out on the Street, a summit convened to discuss issues vital to the lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Deutsche Bank is hosting the inaugural summit, which will focus on issues of culture change, recruitment, client development and driving business impact during four panel discussions.

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Obama opposes Boehner’s D.C. school choice bill, but does not threaten veto

WI: Judge again blocks implementation of collective bargaining law

Indiana GOP pushes ahead with big voucher program

Russia: Medvedev Follows Lethal Attack on Islamic Separatists With Warning

Irish education minister aims to cut Church control of primary schools by 50%

Video: Muslims march demanding Shariah for Britain

DOJ’s Civil Rights Chief Vows to Protect Muslims

The Most Important Religious Freedom Case in Two Decades

Homosexual indoctrination bill advances in CA

“Military gay support group launches magazine”

Fla. Senate panel OK’s ban on funding for abortions

Thoughts on the Future Viability of Public Financing Plans After McComish

    Rick Hasen at the Election Law Blog: Will an adverse ruling in McComish doom future viable public financing plans? I have now reviewed the transcript of yesterday’s oral argument. News reports from oral argument are unanimous in predicting that the Court will strike down the matching fund provision of Arizona’s public financing law, which provides extra funding (up to a point) for candidates who participate in the voluntary public financing system and face a high spending opponent or a high independent spending against the candidate. This is no surprise; indeed I predicted this in June, when the Court granted an extraordinary stay in the case.

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Schools Under Pressure to Spare the Rod Forever

    NY Times: “While the image of the high school principal patrolling the halls with paddle in hand is largely of the past, corporal punishment is still alive in 20 states, according to the Center for Effective Discipline, a group that tracks its use in schools around the country and advocates for its end. Most of those states are in the South, where paddling remains engrained in the social and family fabric of some communities.”

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US Military’s Pro-Homosexual Indoctrination Has Started

Pro-Lifers Back Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

Washington Post: “Abortion foes in Ohio invite Roe v. Wade challenge, push committee vote on ‘heartbeat bill’”

In our silence, Muslim Americans essentially collaborate with the Islamists

UK: MPs launch cross-party bid to tighten abortion laws and make counselling compulsory

IN: Bill blocks payment for abortions for incest, rape victims

Mich. AG sues to close unlicensed abortion clinic

6 Ways Marriage Can Improve Your Finances

Federal Immigration Office Puts Hold on Rejections of Same-Sex Couple Applications

Indiana Senate approves marriage amendment by 40-10 vote

GLAD: DOJ Backs Away Again From DOMA

FFRF asks Supreme Court to overturn Pledge decision

Kansas: Fetal Pain-Based Abortion Ban Sent to Gov. Brownback

Company Uses Fetal Cells From Abortions for Artificial Flavors

LA: Girl can wear tuxedo to prom

Log Cabin lawyers push for immediate end to DADT

Indiana Senate Says No to Civil Unions 2x in Six Days

Transgender bill moves to Maryland Senate

Santorum: Abortion to Blame for Some Social Security Problems

Roy Moore may run for president

Groups Ask EEOC To Ban Placement of Religious Employees Outside of Public View

In memory of a great ADF ally and friend, Scott Shields

Suit Challenges Nevada Law Limiting Marriage Officiants To Clergy Or Government Officials

Judge Backs Off Sentencing Defendants To Read Bible Study Workbook

Germany Jails Christian Parents Over Sex Education Row

Arkansas case: Children’s needs vs. adults’ wants

Governors Urged to Observe National Day of Prayer, Ignore Threats

Chuck Colson: Vigilant at Vanderbilt—Defending religious rights

Incarcerated parents’ treatment ‘appalling’

Judicial Watch Announces a Special Presentation: “Politics and the Holder Justice Department: Rule of Law at Risk?”

Brazil law gives grandparents visitation rights

Ultraconservative Muslims more assertive in Egypt

Ohio House panel makes changes to union bill

FRC Event: “The New Spanish Revolution: How Socialists are Reshaping Spain”

Seeking to corner GOP, White House offers $20B more in spending cuts

Senate confirms 14th judicial nominee this year

China ‘to overtake US on science’ in two years