In memory of a great ADF ally and friend, Scott Shields

The Alliance Defense Fund would like to express its deep appreciation for a dear friend and ally, Scott Shields, who lost his life Friday in a skydiving accident in New Jersey. The ADF team is in prayer for his family and offers its heartfelt condolences. Shields served with distinction as one of nearly 1,900 attorneys in the ADF alliance, and we would like to express our deep gratitude for his great legal work on important religious liberty cases in his home state of Pennsylvania. Besides operating his own legal practice, Shields began serving as the mayor of Rutledge, Pa., in 2006, and had two more years left in his present term. He was also the president of the Delaware County Association of Boroughs. Even in his role as a public servant, Shields was strong, yet gracious, in voicing his defense of religious liberty, life, and family issues. He was an active and vital man who loved challenging himself with acts of physical endurance. But most importantly, Shields was a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and will be dearly missed by his three daughters and by all who were fortunate enough to know him.