SC court rules off-campus Bible classes OK for public school credit

Planned Parenthood Votes Shows Pro-Life Democrats Extinct

Del. same-sex unions law heads to gov’s desk

DC Pastors Challenge Mayor Gray’s Abortion Advocacy, Send Open Letter

Idaho governor signs abortion ban after 20 weeks

WV pro-life group says Manchin not really interest in stopping taxpayer funded abortion

Obama attorneys: Arizona has no right to sue over border security

Lakers to work with GLAAD on fighting gay slurs

New York court system to lay-off up to 500 employees: union

Group cleared to continue fight of Ohio union law

Spanish anti-abortion GP refused ‘conscientious objector’ status

Revealed: The 2million baby boomers who are facing a lonely old age

‘Koran burning’ inquiry continues after case withdrawn

Republicans Invite Debate Over Marriage Lawsuits

Indiana Senate OKs Bill for Reporting Abortions on Teen Girls

In Vitro Fertilization Should Have One-Embryo Limit, Health Experts Say A new study led by Keith Barrington, chief of neonatology at Sainte-Justine UniversityHospital in Montreal, has measured how extreme the causation is: While IVF accounts for only 1 percent of Canadian births, 17 percent of babies admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) where Barrington works were IVF babies. An American doctor confirmed that the numbers are similarly disproportionate in the United States. In his paper, published in the upcoming Journal of Pediatrics, Barrington advocates legal intervention to reduce the risk.

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Gary McCaleb: Seven Days in May

David Hacker: Anti-Harassment Legislation that Offends the First Amendment

Jordan Lorence: Abortion Funding, School Vouchers and Civil Disobedience in Washington, D.C.

David Hacker: Sinclair Community College Bans Distribution of Pro-Life Literature After Class

    ADF attorney David Hacker at the Speak Up Movement Blog: According to FIRE’s report, a paralegal student distributed literature linking abortion and breast cancer to her fellow students after her Probate Law I class in October 2010. (October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.) She gave some flyers to students directly and placed other flyers on the desks of students who had left their seats. A couple weeks later, Sinclair’s Paralegal Program Chair met with the student about the flyers. (Here’s where the story follows the usual university plot line.) The Program Chair told the student that another student complained that the flyers were…drum roll please: “offensive.

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Judge ordered to explain polygamous church ruling

Religious freedom denied, over 50 thousand Christians in prison camps

Pakistan: hundreds of Christian girls forced to convert to Islam

“Geithner pledges to work against LGBT abuses overseas”

RI House squabbles over marriage redefinition bill with “Gay” Speaker

U.S. complicit in Chinese ‘family-planning’ tactics

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer shocks/angers supporters, vetoes expansion of school tax credit

    “Brewer nixed House Bill 2581 on Tuesday, citing worries that it would drain the general fund. The bill passed the Senate, 21-7, and the House, 39-21. Lawmakers could call for a vote to override the veto but would need at least one more vote to get the required two-thirds support.”

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Lambda Legal: DOMA Under Fire in Equal Benefits Case

ACLU: Letter to Educators About the Day of Silence

Court to atheists: Gee, sorry about your ‘hurt feelings’

Appeals Court Overturns National Day of Prayer Ban

Second church is suing Coweta County

Lawsuit Against National Day of Prayer Rejected

Civil unions to become law in Delaware Douglas Napier, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative religious rights organization, told the chamber the bill is riddled with all sorts of unintended consequences and is a precursor to same-sex marriage. “For the first time in the history of this state you have created a new civil right,” he said. “But you have done it at the expense of the long-standing institution of marriage, I think you’ve done it at the expense of children who deserve a Mom and a Dad, and you’ve done it at the expense of the taxpayers who have no clue what they’re buying.”

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Christian Youth Encouraged to Dialogue during Day of Silence

“Bill targets EMU after dismissal of student Julea Ward over refusal to counsel gay client”

Planned Parenthood to Expand Abortion Biz in Nebraska, Iowa

Delmarva Now: Delaware civil union bill passes

Delaware to be 8th state to allow same-sex unions

“Delaware House legalizes gay civil unions; governor will sign”

Democratic Bioethics and Eugenics

ADF: Ohio school district welcomes fliers… as long as they’re not religious

School Board Reluctantly Bans Administrators From Sending Religious Messages To Employees

Hungary’s Controversial New Constitution To Be Voted On Monday

Canada: Top court allows prostitution appeal

Prop. 8 judge responds

Is Gold the New Black? States Look to Bring Gold Standard Back

    ABC: The gold standard, a monetary system in which the dollar is valued against a certain weight of gold, lasted until the Great Depression, when the Federal Reserve confiscated gold held by the public. President Nixon abolished the conversion of dollars to gold at a fixed rate in 1971.

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Reps. Bachmann, Paul among 59 Republicans to vote against budget deal

Senators could be haunted in ’12 by Planned Parenthood, healthcare votes

School district: Alliance Defense Fund confused about anti-abortion student group

Arizona lawmakers OK requiring proof of citizenship to run for president