4th week: China arrests 30 church members

Washington Post: “Questions about the judge should not derail a gay-marriage ruling”

Colleges Cut Men’s Programs to Satisfy Title IX

Polygamous church dispute sets off constitutional, legal tug-of-war, Utah courts may intervene

Punjab: Muslim extremists attack, forcing Christian families to flee

War on Illegal Pornography Mobilizes Supporters for National Call Your Attorney General Project

Turkmenistan: Ten religious prisoners of conscience in one camp

Ireland: Group calls for parental choice over school patrons

Vatican signs accord with Azerbaijan

Brett Harvey: Selling Children: Condemned or Celebrated? (Part 2)

Ed Whelan: Confused Defenders of Vaughn Walker’s Failure to Recuse—Part 2

Battle over Ohio law that targeted anti-abortion ads heats up

Texas Senate Approves Ultrasound Before Abortion Bill

Teen joblessness may hit record this summer

Pro-life billboard banned in Australia, but euthanasia ad ok

ADF: Short fuse on Long Island for religious student clubs

“It’s Getting Harder to Bring Home the Bacon”: Feds at fault for rising food prices

Oklahoma, Texas tighten RU-486 regulations

Pro-life Congressmen warn DC: obey the law and defund abortion

Iowa: Abortion bill may see debate

Gary Bauer: Brave New World of Webcam Abortions

ND: State declares Obamacare unconstitutional, null and void

    WorldNetDaily: The lawmakers decided that “no provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 may interfere with an individual’s choice of a medical or insurance provider except as otherwise provided by the laws of this state.” According to officials with the Tenth Amendment Center, the law adopted by the legislature and signed yesterday by Gov. Jack Dalrymple is a modification of model legislation it has offered a number of states under the title of the Federal Health Care Nullification Act.

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Three Abortion Bills Face Committee Reviews in Maine

Pro-Abortion Democrat Could Win New York Special Election

North Carolina Gov. Perdue Signs Unborn Victims Legislation

TN: ACLU files lawsuit against school system

Anti-abortion group keeps pressure on efforts to defund Planned Parenthood

Union Battles: A Window for Parental Choice

Roe v. Wade Lawyer Sarah Weddington Laid Off as Texas Professor

Schneider Amendment wouldn’t affect Medicaid

Fears in China as another human rights lawyer disappears

ADF defending ‘constitutionally permissible memorials’

Breaking: Indiana will become first state to defund Planned Parenthood

Mitch Daniels Announces Intent to Sign H.B. 1210

    Red State Blog: UPDATE: RedState has received the following statement from Michael J. Norton, Senior Defense Counsel from the Alliance Defense Fund: Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels should be commended for announcing his intention to sign into law the Schneider Amendment (H.B. 1210). Tax dollars of the people of Indiana should not be funneled to abortionists, especially during tough economic times. Indiana has worded a bill that allows them to be good stewards of the people’s money in this regard without fear of jeopardizing other funding that is clearly not at issue in this bill. The Schneider Amendment states that no state agency may enter into a contract with or make a grant to “any entity that performs abortions or maintains or operates a facility where abortions are performed that involves the expenditure of state funds or federal funds administered by the state.” If the bill becomes law, the State of Indiana would not be imposing conditions inconsistent with federal guidelines as some people allege, but instead would merely be applying its own congruent conditions for eligibility for qualified provider status under Medicaid. Similar provisions have been upheld by courts. The Schneider Amendment is good public policy to protect life as well as taxpayer resources.

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“Bill putting gay marriage ban on 2012 general ballot passes Minnesota Senate panel”

    Pioneer Press: St. Paul attorney Jane Bowman argued the proposed amendment is “redundant and unnecessary” because two state laws and a Supreme Court decision prohibit same-sex marriages. But Austin Nimocks, an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative Christian advocacy group, said there’s no guarantee those laws would be upheld in the future. “The next Minnesota court challenged with this demand may not demonstrate the same level of judicial restraint,” he said. “The constitution is the people’s document, and they are entitled to change it,” Nimocks added.

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Ban on Federal Funding of Stem Cell Research Lifted

Planned Parenthood Will File Lawsuit When Indiana Cuts Funds

The Supreme Court’s Web Site and the “Living Constitution”

Be Careful Wishing for the Fed’s End

    Roger Lowenstein at the NY Times: Ben S. Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, faces a crisis of confidence. He is excoriated on the right for debasing the currency, and blasted on the left for failing to stimulate more than he has. It has gotten so bad that last week Mr. Bernanke, who prefers to discuss monetary policy with erudite professors like himself, submitted to the indignity of a news conference. Among the uninvited was Representative Ron Paul . . .

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Star Parker: Politicization of the Fed a Dangerous Trend

    Star Parker at Townhall: The very entity – our government – that is supposedly there to protect us now has incredibly wide latitude to invade our lives and property. Even worse, not only is there considerable latitude to do this openly, but it can occur insidiously in ways where citizens don’t even realize it’s happening to them.

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NY Times: “A Tipping Point for Gay Marriage?”

NRA Drops King & Spalding as Clement Fallout Continues

School Choice and Urban Diversity

Private Accounts Can Save Social Security

VA: Challenge To Zoning Denial By Interfaith Retreat Center Can Move Ahead

Oklahoma County Grants License To Perform Marriages To 3 Atheists Certified By FFRF

The Abolition of Marriage

Michigan Church’s RLUIPA Claims Rejected

House Votes Wednesday on Banning Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

UK Universities Fail to Confront Islamic Extremism on Campus