Veto proof majority passes MO late term abortion law, bill goes to pro-abortion governor

    The bill — which had passed the Senate weeks ago by a veto-proof margin — would make it a felony to perform an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, unless the woman’s life is endangered, the woman risks permanent damage to a major bodily function because of the pregnancy, or the fetus is non-viable.

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ACLU, unions, others may challenge new Fla. laws

4th District Judges Hear Forsyth Prayer Case

Indiana Abortion De-Funding Law Survives Planned Parenthood Tactic

Education bill expands eligibility for vouchers

Wisconsin: Assembly to vote on expanding voucher program

As states debate ‘gay marriage,’ consequences of legalization become clear

Senate confirms Roanoke magistrate as federal judge for Western District of Virginia

Texas Medical Board Investigations of 14 Abortionists are Progressing

Planned Parenthood: State Legislature ‘Waging War on Women’

Legal maneuver will not thwart attempt by teachers union to undo charter-school conversion

Egyptian woman arrested over deadly sectarian violence

Christie to reporters: Whether I believe in evolution is ‘none of your business’

La. House passes bill to post signs, website on abortion alternatives and risks

Nebraska Becomes Latest to Stop Abortion Funding in Obamacare

Ottawa mayor defends Respect for Life Day proclamation

GOP: Democratic bill would let Iowa become “late-term abortion Mecca”

School Prayer Decisions Resonate Nearly 50 Years Later

SC legislature considers gold and silver as legal tender

Census: Marriage in minority in Twin Cities metro households

“15 Eggs is the Magic Number for In-Vitro Fertilization”

Lawsuit revives fears of foreign cash in American politics

    Politico: Permanent residents who hold green cards are allowed to contribute to campaigns and make expenditures supporting them. But Bluman and Steiman are temporary residents, and contend in their suit that the foreign contribution ban’s threat of civil or criminal penalties is keeping them “from expressing their political views in any of (those) ways” and represents an “arbitrary and irrational” violation of their First Amendment rights.

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Egypt moves to combat violence against Christians

Author of Uganda’s “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” defends the bill and tells NPR that homosexuality is a “learned behavior”

Chinese Christians Defend Persecuted Underground Church

Liberty Institute Asks Texas High Court to Review Same-Sex Divorce Cases

RI civil union compromise wins little support

“Episcopalian priest: Time to clean up anti-gay toxins Anglicans dispensed via evangelism”

Catholic Sportsnet host Damian Goddard fired for opposing same sex “marriage” on Twitter

Delaware governor signs civil unions bill

USA Today: “Caroline Kennedy urges Obama to back gay marriage”

TX: “ACLU: Aldine ISD Censoring LGBT Content”

ACLU wants cross atop auditorium covered up for NJ graduation

59% of Canadians want restrictions on abortion as March for Life revs up: poll

Study finds RU-486 much more dangerous than surgical abortion

UK teenager dies from complications related to oral contraceptive

Canadian March for Life to Draw Thousands to Parliament Hill

Iowa Fetal-Pain Abortion Ban Replaced by Measure Targeting Carhart

Oklahoma Governor Fallin Signs Bill to Limit Abortion Drug

Delaware Committee Rejects Parental Consent on Abortion

Forsyth County Prayer Case in Court Thursday

Tax-exempt no more

WV: Help For ‘Unwanted’ Homosexuality

Census shows age gap widening among US regions

    AP: Driven by immigrants and young people moving to the South and West and older Americans who stay put elsewhere, the age gap between regions in the U.S. has grown to its widest level in decades, sharpening the divides on hot-button issues such as immigration and changes to Medicare.

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Evangelist Graham, 92, hospitalized with pneumonia

China arrests 40 suspected child traffickers

Senate panel OKs Fed nominee, but prospects dim

King & Spalding Offers New Details on Marriage Mess

David Starkey: The British Education System is in Crisis

Pennsylvania’s Corbett Praises Vouchers, Criticizes Unions

Justice Thomas’ Planned Speech in Georgia Draws Controversy

Desperate Americans Buy Kidneys From Peru Poor

Alaska ACLU seeks tax exemptions for same sex couples

Why Don’t We Hear About Soros’ Ties to Over 30 Major News Organizations?

    Dan Gainor at Fox News: When liberal investor George Soros gave $1.8 million to National Public Radio , it became part of the firestorm of controversy that jeopardized NPR’s federal funding. But that gift only hints at the widespread influence the controversial billionaire has on the mainstream media. Soros, who spent $27 million trying to defeat President Bush in 2004, has ties to more than 30 mainstream news outlets – including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC.

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Treasury Auctions To Take US Over Debt Ceiling On Monday

The Millionaire Retirees Next Door

Republicans throw right hooks in escalating fight over budget, debt

How Chinese companies steal a critical business advantage

ME: Judiciary Committee will debate bill that keeps men’s and women’s restrooms separate on May 13

“House panel OKs defense bill, delays gay service”